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A ward sigil

No, the Wardens didn't do the sigils for their wards by hand even back then. It would've been too large a margin for error with the size of the areas that they had to cover in this place.
A ward sigil stamp is an item that "quickly and easily" makes a ward. This specific sigil was one of the sigils used to create and anti-essance Ward to quarantine people on The Station who were infected by the Essence Devourer. This sigil is currently being sold in a store named Grim's Curiosities. It sits in a glass display case with other magic items.   The handle is made of a red wood found on the planet of Areu and the stamp part that will create the sigil is made out of Ark. This sigil stamp appears to have been kept in mint condition. None of the ark ink that must've been used on this sigil stamp is still visible.  


Around 2405 years ago a condition named the Essence Devourer terrorized The Station. Wards were placed around The Station to keep its inhabitants safe. This sigil was used by one of the Wardens to ward Area 00-03-2846 among other areas close by. How this ward ended up in this store is unknown, as sigils are usually disposed of when they are no longer needed so the materials can be used for other sigils.


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