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TJ's WorldEmber 2022 Pledge

WorldEmber is coming... are you ready?

How to prepare for WorldEmber

  1. Check out the World Anvil blog for the latest information on upcoming events.
  2. Take part in the homework club, even if it's just a read-through!
  3. Set a manageable goal for yourself, and allocate days off for rest.*
  4. Try calculating your average writing speed when worldbuilding to see how long a chunk of words might take you to write.*
  5. Find an accountability group or partner by joining in the World Anvil Discord server, or write along with folks doing writing sprints on Twitch!
  6. Make sure your reason for worldbuilding is sound. If you're doing it for a badge or a prize, you'll program yourself to only want to worldbuild if you get those rewards. In doing so you run the risk of destroying your passion for worldbuilding, check out some healthier examples in the next section that you can use!
  7. Plan a list of ideas that you want to explore during the challenge!*
* Check out my resources in the sidebar of this article if you want a free tool to use to help with this :D
  I've been making an alternative use of the Mapvember challenge to brainstorm ideas ready to write into articles later! (Nobody said what kind of maps you had to make)!    
Goals & reasons for worldbuilding
Healthy Goals Unhealthy Goals
I want to write 10k this WorldEmber on things that I feel like writing! I will write 10k this WorldEmber so I can get that shiny badge!
I will aim for writing 25k this WorldEmber because I have lots of things I want to write, but it's okay if I only get 10k! This year I want to get X more followers on my world, so I'm going to write 25k of worldbuilding that will appeal to other people!
I want to aim for writing 50k this WorldEmber! I know what I can aim for each day and I've have planned for days of rest so that I don't burn out. Even though my schedule is too busy in December with everything going on, I will get my 25k done no matter what!
I just want to focus on a little bit of worldbuilding this year and be proud of what I do. I'm not worried about reaching 10k, I just like taking part! December is a really busy month for me, so I'm going to rush doing 10k in the first few days to get it done and out of the way!
I have other priorities this year, so I'm going to sit this one out. Have fun everyone! I'm really burnt out this year but I'm going to push for the 10k anyway so at least I can say I've done something.
Melior WorldEmber2022 pledge
World Ember Pledge 2022 by generated by World Anvil

WorldEmber is coming...
During WorldEmber this year, I pledge to write new worldbuilding within Melior with the intention of reaching 10,000 words this month. My goal is to have fun, make sure my friends are also having fun, encourage self-care and banish burnout.   I promise to take care for my own health and wellbeing over acquiring a digital badge and I will set aside more time for uplifting my friends and fellow worldbuilders to help them reach their goals this December!  
What steps will you add to your pledge to make sure you don't burn out?

Organizing & Tidying

Encouraged by the WorldEmber homework, I have done a major clean up of my world's CSS theme and made it more accessible by making sure that all of the colours and combinations used meet or exceed the WCAG 2.1 standards.   I've also taken great inspiration from folks in the community to organize my categories and articles, add in global breadcrumb and article ToC navigation! AND I've even cleaned up my tags!   Check them out here:  

TJ's Top Tips

  • If a picture is worth 1,000 words, why not get at least ten images ready to inspire your writing?
  • Answer ANY prompt in 300 words or more by writing 50 words for each question: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, and HOW?
  • Keep your burnout in check and go at your own pace.
  • Only do what YOU want to do.

Planning Ahead for WorldEmber
I made a planning tool in Google Sheets to help me sort out my jumbled ideas, give them priorities and also help me decide what to do next! So far I've added in my list of existing stubs and set a priority level for each of them so that I know what's the most important for me to create during WorldEmber this year.   I figured other folks here might find it useful too, so I made it available as a FREE (or pay what you want) resource that anyone can use!  
Grab your worldbuilding planner here (or click the pictures below)!

400 Inspiring Worldbuilding Prompts
Stuck for ideas ready for WorldEmber? Check out my list of 400 worldbuilding prompts (suitable for any genre)! It's free (or pay what you want), just name your price and grab your copy!   The prompts are all organised by World Anvil template, and I'll be using these to inspire my own worldbuilding when I get stuck about three days into WorldEmber xD  

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Author's Notes

Question: What steps will you add to your pledge to make sure you don't burn out?

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Nov 16, 2022 20:58 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Go, TJ, go! I will not burn out by just doing a little bit each day, and not beating myself up if I miss a day. :)

Nov 16, 2022 21:01 by TJ Trewin

That sounds great! You've got this :D

Journals of Yesteryear

Nov 16, 2022 21:39 by Simo

Nice, helpful pledge as usual :) My steps to make my mental health a priority during WE is to use what I will write as a mental health tool. And also as a way to spend time with friends and connect with new people, which is another of my mental health goals in this moment :) I hope you have a great and fun WE, TJ!

Nov 17, 2022 13:50 by TJ Trewin

Thank youuu!

Journals of Yesteryear

Nov 16, 2022 22:45

Thanks, TJ! I'm going to find this useful! I probably should have thought about whether I would burn out, as it's my first time doing WorldEmber. Good luck this WE!

Nov 17, 2022 13:51 by TJ Trewin

Oooh first one! You'll have a blast :D have fun!

Journals of Yesteryear

Nov 17, 2022 10:31 by Chris Noonan

Good luck, TJ! I'm going to keep the healthy goals in mind, and not just for next month.

Nov 17, 2022 13:51 by TJ Trewin

Excellent plan! :D

Journals of Yesteryear

Nov 18, 2022 11:35 by Annie Stein

So many handy resources! Best of luck this worldember, TJ!

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Nov 18, 2022 12:38 by TJ Trewin

Thanks! Good luck to you, tooooooooo :D

Journals of Yesteryear

Dec 28, 2022 23:46 by Gabrielle Decker

Did you meet your goal for 10k, friend? Sorry I didn't check in with you sooner, I wanted to get my introduction re-created before the end of the month - I finally finished it. It's probably my heaviest-styled article to date lol. FYI, I'm taking inspiration from you and am going to create a styling 'guide' for my world, as well!

Dec 29, 2022 09:07 by TJ Trewin

Ooooh nice! I'm honoured to be of inspiration :D   I did indeed meet my goal! I just passed 10k yesterday :D I may spend the last few days adding a little more to it if I feel like it. Thanks for checking in!

Journals of Yesteryear

Dec 29, 2022 10:39 by Gabrielle Decker

I knew you'd do it! Here's some encouraging vibes to keep you motivated!

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