The Drealm

The dimensional plane of dreams.

The Drealm is the realm of dreams and nightmares and is inhabited by Dreamons and Neverminds   Every race, creature and being that sleeps enters The Drealm. In this realm, the world manifests to the dreamer's own thoughts and imagination and few have ever mastered control over their time here. When a dreamer wakes, they return to their own mind and waking body. The realm can be loosely entered when daydreaming or meditation.   It is believed that the Drealm has coexisted with Melior since the Architect created time itself. As the people of Melior touched the Drealm in their sleep, the Dreamons observed the learned memories of the waking world. From this knowledge they sculpted the realm to be familiar and homely for their guests, a traced blueprint of Melior itself.  


Dreamons are shapeshifting inhabitants of the drealm. They 'live' in pockets of parallel ghost cities from Melior to better understand the sleepers. They feed upon knowledge and will create thought provoking scenery for sleepers to create further thoughts to decipher. Dreamons do not see themselves as allies to the sleepers and are in fact selfish by helping sleepers understand their dreams.   They are peaceful beings who are often formless unless the dreamer imagines them into a form. They guide dreamers through blissful sleep and help explain their dreams to them so, upon waking, a dreamer will feel refreshed and inspired. Dreamons can also soothe away nightmares in babies and ill beings to let their minds concentrate upon healing the sleeping body.  


Much like the Dreamons, Neverminds are also shapeshifting residents of the drealm. However, these beings devour memories to sustain their hunger, inflicting amnesia and dementia upon unsuspecting sleepers. If a sleeper has little material to feed upon, Neverminds will create nightmares in the drealm to force the sleeper into producing imaginary memories (which are still consumable, but not as sustaining).   These beings (who are often formless unless the dreamer imagines them into a form) are very malicious and gain huge adrenaline rushes from fearful emotions in dreamers. Neverminds will inflict nightmares upon dreamers and sow seeds of intrusive thoughts in their minds that eat away at their memories. Increased interaction from Neverminds will cause a woken dreamer to start losing their memories and can cause an early onset of dementia from alarmingly low ages.

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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
25 Apr, 2019 05:53

+1 Even if just for the name. Beautiful work in general but man .... Drealm! :D I will be Drealming about this for a long time

25 Apr, 2019 17:47

Nice puns.

25 Apr, 2019 20:30

Feels like the Fade of Dragon Age, in a more restrained way. Look it up if you want more inspiration.

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