Riftbane Rattles

A nasty soul-shaking side effect.

Riftbane rattles is a condition that is caused as a side-effect of consuming the recently developed medicine called riftbane. The medicine acts as an antidote that is used to rid oneself of toxins from nasty rifthound bites or from consuming the tainted meat of venomous creatures.   The nasty side-effect of this drug is so immobilizing that it has its own classification as a recognised condition. If mild, the symptoms could be mistaken for a fever, but these key differences distinguish it from common ailments:  
1Normal body temperature
This is the key to identifying riftbane rattles and is what makes it so unusual. The body temperature of the individual is absolutely normal, despite their shaking body (which would normally indicate feeling too cold). This symptom makes it easy to rule out other ailments that induce a high fever.
2Extreme chattering of the teeth
As the name suggests, riftbane rattles is known for its ability to send bones into an unstoppable rattle - causing teeth to chatter (sometimes literally) right out of a person's skull. If it becomes too severe, using a wad of leather or cloth in the mouth can prevent tooth damage or biting of the tongue.
3Severe, uncontrollable shaking
Teeth aren't the only thing that will be chattering - folks troubled with the riftbane rattles will find it incredibly hard to control their own bodies as their muscles spasm in repetitive pulses. This can be very exhausting and wasting on the body and sometimes causes excruiciating cramps and long lasting palsy.
4Auditory Hallucinations
Folks suffering with the riftbane rattles often report of auditory hallucinations, where they hear things that aren’t really there. Common hallucinations include harrowing, other-worldly sounds that haunt the mind. This un-ending noise can drive many folks to insanity if they cannot distract themselves from it.
  The effects of this can last anywhere between 5 days to 2 weeks until wearing off naturally.
Affected Species
Species | Nov 30, 2022

Twisted lion-sized beasts with a hunger for warm flesh.

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