Regions of Melior

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Home of The Sailing Scullery, Porosa is a temperate region where a mixed community of Folks live. Porosans are struggling with exotic food imports as trade with Molura has halted. The Sailing Scullery guild is recruiting anyone hungry enough for a food fuelled adventure to discover and procure exotic crops for growing back home.


The scorching hot sands of The Great Tentottan Desert span across the entire region of Tentotta. This unforgiving land is home to many Manavaxian folk, and plenty of Rakuwa who enjoy the tropical coastlines. Laws in this region are as harsh as the sun's heat, causing unfair treatment among other folk, and even slavery. The Freefolk, a guild of self-saved slaves, aim to bring equality to the land and tip the balance in the favour of justice.


The rich rainforests of Molura are home to many folks, but the current trade war with Porosa has caused The Glowing Merchants to find their own trade route and seek their wealth in pocket (and experience) on foreign shores further afield.

The Aurus

A chain of colossal volcanic eruptions has drastically changed the frozen Auric landscape into a slurry of quickly melting snow and dirty black ashfall. The Auric Explorers are helping to protect the local wildlife and re-balance the ecosystem as new hungry predators follow the melting snow.


The north western province of Meles lies in ruins as a horrific earthquake crumbled cities and towns into dust. The Bright Miners will take on anyone who will put down their drink and pick up a shovel to help literally rebuild an entire nation.

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