Offal Waffle Outbreak

The Offal Waffle Outbreak is an infection that ravaged civillians in The Brass Bowl after a new trend of creating tasty and nutritious meal using offal and cheap cuts of meat swept through the city.   The meaty dish became popular after a local food vendor created a seasoned minced mixture of these undesirable (and often discarded) cuts of meat and cooked them with scorching hot waffle irons. Mouth-watering smells drifted through the bustling streets and hungry workers were eager to try out this new trend.   Offal Waffles became increasingly popular as it was quick to make and the cheap ingredients made the food available to even the working and lower classes, but after three weeks, people started to become very ill...  

Transmission & Vectors

Unbeknownst to the hungry city dwellers, the infection is caused by a parasite that can be found in undercooked meat, especially venison, lamb, and pork. The outbreak occurred when the uneducated citizens of The Brass Bowl did not thoroughly cook their Offal Waffles.


The infection enters the body from consuming contaminated meat that’s raw or not thoroughly cooked. People become infected only if they ingest the parasite, and there is no current way of telling if the meat is affected or not.


The Offal Waffle Outbreak has common symptoms similar to food poisoning, and many people will survive after the symptoms pass in a few weeks.   Common symptoms include:
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • mild fever
  • weakness or muscular pain
Life-threatening symptoms have brought a great deal of fear-mongering to the city, with locals warning each other about The Offal Waffle Outbreak. If a person shows these symptoms they will not likely survive:
  • diarrhea persisting for more than four days
  • a very high fever
  • difficulty communicating
  • loss of sight
  • blood in the urine


People showing mild symptoms are advised to rest, stay hydrated and to clean themselves. If someone shows severe symptoms they must use what little strength they have left to pray. Ihrrum Dust may be given to give a small boost of strength to allow a patient to get their affairs in order.


The infection can be deadly and will cause serious birth defects if a pregnant person becomes infected.


Soon after the outbreak, there was an official ban on the production of Offal Waffles, with authorities asking people to turn in their waffle irons or have them seized by force to prevent further cases of this terrible affliction.   An official decree was later issued, warning food vendors, chefs and housekeepers to thoroughly wash and cook all meats, including the practise of washing utensils and surfaces that had been in contact with raw meat. Pregnant people are also advised to avoid the consumption of meat until they have given birth.


The most well documented history of the infection occurred in The Brass Bowl and became known as the infamous Offal Waffle Outbreak. It claimed the lives of over 2,000 people and affected many more.   A burial ground was created outside of the city as a precautionary measure in case the infection could spread. It is a safe place for families to go and visit the graves of their loved ones. It is common practise to leave a cattle bone on the tombstone instead of flowers to show the dead that you survived after consuming the meat from the bone.

Cultural Reception

As the trend of tasty and nutritious Offal Waffles took over the city, many people succumbed to the infection within a short amount of time. The majority of people stayed indoors whilst suffering from horrid symptoms, and the healthy citizens of the city frequented bathing houses, pools and temples to try and keep their bodies clean and untainted.   Healthy people feared to catch the infection and stayed clear of any interaction with the infected, not even fearing to write letters or call to them in the street.
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