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Ijian Architecture

The cosy coastal styles of the tropical Iji Islands in Rengia.

The architecture of The Iji Islands in Rengia are designed with coastal themes that make use of natural materials in their detailing such as decorative shells embedded in the walls, or even large polished shells of sea turtles. Typical homes are cosy and cool and provide shelter during the tropical heat of the day.  

Folk Differences


Rakuwan folk often favour views of the sea, especially for those who have elderly family members suffering from shoremindedness. Instead of bath tubs or showers, Ijian rakuwans prefer outdoor rock pools to bathe and relax in. These natural pools imitate the smaller craggy rocks found on the shore, and are filled with anemones and small critters that help to filter the water naturally and keep it clean.


Human folk adorn their homes with shell, but less in imitation of nature but more as decoration. Large shells in colourful layers replace many tiled rooftops, and walls are decorated in mosaic-style murals of tiny shells pressed into the outsides of the houses. Family homes of human folk are typically smaller than rakuwan, and have lower ceilings and narrower doors, but instead have one or two storeys.


If not constructed properly or with local materials, the building itself will start to rot and decay with a gut-wrenching stench of smelly fish.   Master architects are able to work with nature and construct living-rooms (as in, they are literally alive). These mini ecosystems are able to create a comfortable environment to live in whilst being self sustaining all through the seasons.
Parent Location
The Iji Islands
The Iji Islands
Organization | Nov 30, 2022

A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

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