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Good Guri's Guide

A guidebook for young folk to be on their best behaviour.

Gurita's Gripe

This grizly tale aims to scare children into good behaviour, or else Gurita's firey tentacle will come down and smite them. Parents of The Iji Islands will take their young children to see Gurita's Gripe at least once in their early lifetimes.   The story goes that a mother brought her child to the slopes of the volcano to seek forgiveness, but the misbehaving child thrashed about violently, punching and kicking the whole way. So, Gurita used infernal heat to magnify the child into a monsterous size, then proceeded to wash them off of the island with a torrent of lava. The lava englufed the screaming child, who became encrusted in volcanic rock. A lifelong lesson and warning to future generations of children to listen to the teachings of Guritism or evoke Gurita's wrath. The remains are now known as Gurita's Gripe and can be seen by passing boats.  
Organization | Nov 20, 2022

The peace keeping religion of The Iji Islands. The one with the big angry fire octopus deity.

Gurita's Gripe
Building / Landmark | Nov 29, 2022

A horrifying lava formation in the Iji Islands that looks very much like a screaming child.

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