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Which book title caught your eye the most?

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Nov 30, 2020 21:37 by Stormbril

Hello, yes, -coughs- I'll take uhh... one 'Speaking in Tongues (and other techniques)' please?   Also omg 'Fantastic Yeasts and Where to Find Them' got a good laugh out of me!

Nov 30, 2020 21:47 by TJ Trewin

Fun fact, that one was inspired by a scientific paper of the same title!

Journals of Yesteryear

Nov 30, 2020 21:54 by Mihkel Rand

Amazingly enough I rolled a 69 on my first try. Excellent article and excellent names TJ! Keep up the great work. I expect more of your pretty articles to fill up my notifications throughout the month

Creator of Lethea and Pekkola

Maker of Maps
Nov 30, 2020 22:07 by TJ Trewin


Journals of Yesteryear

Nov 30, 2020 22:08 by TJ Trewin

And thank you!! I look forward to reading through your articles :D

Journals of Yesteryear

Dec 1, 2020 15:43

I thought nothing could top "Making Good Use of a Mimic". I thought too soon.   It is difficult to remove "Sex & Drugs & Hurdy Gurdy" from my heart. But I am a biased, simple man. You say hurdy gurdy, you won me over.   "How I Split The Party" Transported me right into the last Dragon Age session I had, where I did the thing you don't do. I split the party. Now they are chasing back our scared horses while dealing with a cremation, while I am having a pleasant evening with a handsome rebel blood mage. Everything that happens in that evening will stay on the realm of my desperate cries of "this is 100% not canon" which the rest of the party will promptly ignore.   "Making a Beast With Two Backs" made me howl loudly. It probably had the same effect on said beast.   "The Hoard of the Bad Dragon"? I see you too are a man of culture.   You made me read the title "Speaking in Tongues (and other techniques)". Now my innocent, virginal DnD bard which makes excessive use of said spell will never be the same. You will have to bear this in your conscience. You did good, though.   *Beep breath* Ok, so, my conclusion about this article is that you completely put to shame my list of "alternate names" for the plant they use to make lube on my world, and that you seriously need to make more audios with readings of whatever you put there in the wild.

Dec 1, 2020 15:46 by Evan Arix

I stand 100% behind this comment.

Dec 1, 2020 16:15 by TJ Trewin

omg this has got to be the best comment I've ever had on my world xD   thank you for this!! and uhh i'm gonna need a link to that plant for uhhhh research purposes

Journals of Yesteryear

Dec 1, 2020 18:33

This article was originally made in Spanish and was not translated until now. I just translated an old and inconsequential article instead of just saying "uh, click translate to English in google chrome" so I could add the original English nicknames that didn't translate well to Spanish. During WE. I regret nothing.

Dec 1, 2020 23:58 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

That poem is amazing! *fans self*   I think 'The Dungeon Master's Guide' is my favourite, but all of them are amazing. Also '37 Pleasantly Designed Household Objects' hahahaha.   Excerpts when? ;)

Dec 2, 2020 08:38 by TJ Trewin

I'll have to sprinkle in some excerpts & distraction articles in between the core worldbuilding & lore :P

Journals of Yesteryear

Dec 2, 2020 09:46

What can I say except:
Oh, my!

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