Exotic Pets

The latest trend among the upper class in Bradstowe.

The eccentric upper class citizens of Bradstowe are always looking for the rarest, most dangerous and exotic creatures to tame as pets.  


The latest trend is exotic snakes. Bigger the better. Elegant women like to have their portraits painted with huge pythons draped over their shoulders and entwined in their arms to show off their wealth and fearlessness.   The snakes are incredibly heavy when sitting for a long session, and are quick to grow hungry if they were not fed beforehand. If the model grows too tired to support the snake or starts to panic over the creature it can lead to the snake's natural predator instincts to kick in. Several deaths have been swept under the carpet from "rebellious pets" constricting or biting their owners. The nobles weave more suitable death stories to cover such accidents.   There have also been two incidents where large pythons have escaped their enclosures and entered the city. One of them has been recovered.



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