Companies in Melior

(This article is still a WIP!)  

The Sailing Scullery

Hailing from the temperate region of Porosa, The Sailing Scullery is about to embark on a voyage of flavour! They want to explore the world of Melior by taste, and bring back saplings of exotic plants to grow back home. The only thing you'll be hungry for is more adventure!


The Freefolk

From the hot, unforgiving landscape of Tentotta, The Freefolk rise up against slavery and unfair laws in the region. They rescue others and aim to bring a proper justice system to the rolling deserts of the land.  


The Glowing Merchants

Molura is suffering during the trade war with Porosa. The Glowing Merchants are taking trade into their own hands and setting sail for fortunes further afield!  


The Auric Explorers

The Aurus is melting into a slurry of ice and ash after a chain of colossal volcanic eruptions changed the landscape for good. The Auric Explorers are looking to restore the balance to the ecosystem before it turns into a desolate wasteland.


The Bright Miners

Meles lies in ruins after an earthquake near-flattened every settlement in the north western province. The Bright Miners will take on anyone who will put down their drink and pick up a shovel to help literally rebuild an entire nation.


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27 Aug, 2019 17:00

Now I want a group of adventurers that are all part of the sailing scullery and all different races that specialize in different kinds of food.

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