Aldgate Prison

The largest high security prison in The Isles of Orlend.

Aldgate prison is a high security building in the heart of Bradstowe.   In the first age, year 295, Cole Sollers escaped from Aldgate Prison. Having previously escaped from other jail cells in the country, Sollers was waiting for his execution date before breaking out of Aldgate - the highest security prison in The Isles of Orlend.   Investigation reports show a lot of damage to his cell, making it unclear if he had outside help. The leading theory is that he entered the cell above his own by way of the chimney, bypassing the metal bars with hand crafted tools made of scrap. Sollers proceeded to break through six further doors and then lowered himself 60 feet down to the ground using his bed clothes.   Sollers was captured yet again and finally hanged in the winter of 296.  

Parent Location

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The bustling tradeport capital of Orlend.


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