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Tue, Oct 10th 2023 11:34   Edited on Tue, Oct 10th 2023 11:54

JOY Log 001: Hello, World Anvil!

I'm excited to share my new bright fantasy worldbuilding project with you!   After nearly five years of working on my dark fantasy world, Melior, I've been feeling the ever growing passion to dive back into some optimistic adventures and colourful pixel art again! Journals of Yesteryear will be a place where I can share my enthusiasm with you in the form of derpy magical creatures, floating islands, mouthwatering food, and adventure-filled vistas full of overgrown ruins!   I plan on presenting this setting in a quirky combination of loose sketches and colourful pixel art, shown in the format of journal and sketchbook pages. If you've arrived here early it might not look quite like that yet but hey - lucky you! That just means you get to follow along and watch this world evolve and come to life :D  
A screenshot showing how the homepage of Journals of Yesteryear looked upon its creation on 10th October 2023.
JOY Homepage 2023-10-10 by TJ Trewin
  This discussion board will be a place where I can write out-of-universe updates as I share with you my thought process, worldbuilding methods, CSS shenanigans, and early WIP sketches. If you're interested in seeing more of this kind of thing, follow this thread and you'll receive notifications whenever there's a new post here :)
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