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Mo the "Crow Thief"

A quiet murid woman who makes a fortune through her friendship with crows.

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Pecky criminals and petty crimes

Mo is an elusive murid who keeps to herself and lives a quiet life gathering lost trinkets and moving from town to town in order to sell them without causing a ruckus.   She raised five fledgling crows that she rescued in a storm and they accompany her wherever she goes - Mo very much treats them as the only family she has. She has a secret motivation to recover something precious that was once stolen from her and is saving up for the means to hire someone to help.  
Last night I met a strange murid named Mo
Whose made friends with the local crows.
She trades them fresh tripe
For coins they have swiped
And bring up to her window.
— Poem snippet found
She / her
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Creamy white fur with a blend towards brown on her nose, hands, and feet.
Short and pointy, no longer than her index finger.
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