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Great Eel

Colossal and wise beings of the sea known for powerful tidal magic.

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The great eels are considered to be one of the largest sapient creatures in the world - they have long, limbless bodies and are several times larger than any seafaring vessels. Their domain is the sea and many land-faring folks believe that the tides and ocean currents are controlled by them. Many folk even worship the great eels, regarding them as living deities due to their sheer size and immense magical powers.   They rarely interact with surface level creatures, but when they do it's always for an exchange - either of power, territory, or knowledge. It's considered a great honour to meet one, and good luck to see one out at sea. There are many songs and folklore relating to the great eels, and sailors heavily use eel-like motifs in their ship decorations, tattoos, and jewelry.
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