Sunjia Sculpting

Call for the blessing of MeyGana as the storm flows through you and sculpt crystal from Lightning.

The sands of MeyGana's Beaches are finely ground and light, often being cast into small eddies by the tide as it flows out to the sea. This makes the sand soft and comfortable to lie upon, hard to put stakes into that will hold, and most importantly for our purposes; receptive to those pathways that energy finds to burn into.   When lightning strikes the sands of other shores, such as the coast of the Alma Bay or the Iwate Sea, you get an interesting piece of petrified lightning called Fulgurite. Many people have found this to be an interesting material for various reasons, but in the end, it's still rock. Hard, dark and not the prettiest to look at. We are not talking about Fulgurite here, no, we are talking about Sunjia.   You see, the fine sand of the Highland Beaches, those blessed by MeyGana herself, is perfectly receptive to the tugs and fire of lightning. Indeed, when lightning crashes it's fury into these beaches, the Fulgurite comes out clear and crystalic. The Sunjia formed in this manner is made into strange, intricate sculptures that are more pleasing to the mind than the eye.   Of those elites that traipse across the beaches, a few found these crystals before the bashing of the tide disrupted their structure and set about returning them to the sand they had come from. With this, they grew into something wanted for it's rarity and strangeness. When those followers of MeyGana stumbled across the ability to beseech the Goddess in the shaping of crystals, the entire artform ascended from a scavenger hunt to that of a distinct and enviable profession.   Sunjia formed through the beseeching of the Goddess are known as the Crystals of MeyGana, and have been created into some of the most striking works of art by experienced Sculpters. With the masters approaching near lifelike levels of detail that rival that of a Crystalia.

The Hukkomelse Clan

  The Hukkomelse's changed the act of Sunjia Sculpting from that of a madman's pursuit to something respected and sought after. With the discovery of the focusing effects of Fulgurite by Shrike, to the adoption of specialized lightning rods to attract lightning, to the hiring of various mages to guide lightning from the sky into the sand.   Without these attempts and changes, Sunjia Sculpting would be much more dangerous and much less a fixture for the Elite and the artistic.
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