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Crystals of MeyGana

Crystal Sculptures formed from Lightning and Sand.

Yes, see here. The glass is scarred and the edges brittle. I don't know who you think you are trying to peddle this cheap crap off as some Crystal, just hitting the ground with lightning from one of your magic buddies doesn't work the same way the sculptors manage it. You aren't using your connection with the goddess to warp and guide the connections, no your buddy is hacking at the sand with a veritable sledgehammer.   Consider yourself lucky you tried your forgery on me first. Now I've got your name and your style, if I see anything of this caliber popping up in homes nearby. Or I'll find the Alluvian Authority and hound them till they raid your little spot on the beach. Might get the Interments in there to see if you have unorthodox slave labor helping you.
— Alei Hukkomelse
  The Crystals of MeyGana are sculptures forged from Lightning and sand in the process of Sunjia Sculpting, made into beautiful glass sculptures that retain the slight greyness of the clouds they originated in and are formed into the most intricate of sculptures. The smallest of these sculptures start at around a handbreadth in size, to small crystal caverns the likes of those carved out by the waters in the Crystalis Ravine of the Feng Mountains.   The Sculptures themselves are extremely rare, absurdly expensive when purchasable and difficult to make. In fact, in most circles they are thought to be so priceless that they are only given as gifts. For no trade will make up for the effort and indescribable pain that goes into creating these magnificent works of art.
Item type
Raw Material
Extremely Rare
Base Price

Where are these quotes from?

  Alei Hukkomelse is one of the members of the Hukkomelse clan, who also watches intently for fraudulent crystal work and other forgeries that could reduce the quality that Sunjia Sculpting is thought to deliver.

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