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Maneatus Cactinus

Maneatus cactinus is a species of carnivorous cacti found on the moon Ten, orbiting Echos in the Sao Solar System. Found across the moon, they are most common around the Mouldy Hills, where most of the moon's nutrients are found.


These cacti are barrel shaped, with thick, purplish/blue leathery skin. The base of the cactus is thicker than the neck, and above the neck is a large rim which serves as the cacti's mouth. Spines circle the entire cactus, growing larger at the base and shorter at the neck, with longer and thinner spines around the mouth. These spines grow to a maximum of 6 inches, and a minimum of 1. The spines around the body point out diagonally, while the spines around the mouth point directly upwards.

During the daytime, small yellow flowers emerge around and inside the mouth. These attract prey, who think the cacti are easy meals. The flowers possess three petals, and a bright orange stigma. The bright colours make the cacti stand out more, attracting more prey.

Deeper within the mouths are long, tentacle like appendages. When something makes contact with the flowers, the tentacles detect this and will shoot out. A sticky substance secreted from the tentacles will keep hold of the prey, and it will eventually be digested.


Like a lot of cacti and other plants on Ten, maneatus cactini are carnivorous. Strong digestive enzymes are secreted from the tentacles within the mouths, which digest any prey that gets trapped there, lured in by the brightly coloured flowers that a lot of creatures feast on. While most animals will get caught and are eaten by the cacti, some are able to overcome the tentacles and fight back.


Maneatus cactini are a popular plant species with travellers. Their flowers are a delicious treat for most, especially when fried and cooked with a starchy food, as they provide a uniquely rich flavour. Special flower pickers have been invented specifically to collect these flowers without attracting the tentacles, making harvesting very easy.

In some rare cases, travellers take seeds of the cactus and grow them, removing the tentacles entirely so they have a safe, replenishing supply of flowers at their disposal.

40 years
Average Height
3 - 4 metres
Geographic Distribution

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