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  About 90% of the Wyrd West's content is absolutely free! We'd like for you to enjoy our world, and we want to make it as accessible as possible.   That said, we gotta make a livin'.   Our worlds could not exist without the help of our Patrons. They fuel the cost of this site. They help me to continue to write my stories, and they help Erin design his games. So if you'd like to access that content, we're askin' if maybe you'd spot us a few bucks?   I'm only askin' a dollar a month. That gets you access to ALL my fiction, as soon as it's posted! $5 gets you all the game content, $10 gets you secrets and hidden content, and $25 gets you insights into my process, special features, and more!  

A Note to Current Patrons

  If you're a Patron and think you oughta have access to this page, first make sure you're logged in and y'all have used your access code to enable the site features. The access code is in the email you got when you pledged, and you can go to this link here to use it. If that still don't work, gimme a holler my Discord or spot me a telegram through Patreon or Twitter.

Other Ways to Support the Wyrd West

Can't commit to a regular subscription? We get it, friend. Times are hard for a lot of folks. There's lots of other ways to support us!

Join Our Discord

We got a Discord server! If you want to keep up with what we're doin', our friendly little community is the best place to do it. Good place to do some jaw jackin' with like-minded folks. There ain't no cost, though subscribers get some server privileges others don't. Just click on the link here, or use that blue button over on the right!

Shop at Our Zazzle Store

I'm workin' to make Toy Soldier Saga and Wyrd West merch available on my Zazzle site. Pick up a T-shirt or a mug for yourself! We don't make a big commission on it, but every dollar helps, and you get a thing y'all can show to your friends (which helps spread the word.) Find the link here or at the big black button to the right.

Buy Us a Ko-fi

I got a Ko-fi site. It's like internet buskin'. If you like what you see, why not spot us a couple bucks there? And feel free to ask us for subscriber access to match your contribution! You can find the link below.

Follow Our Twitch Channel

We're playcastin' the alpha test of some of our Pathfinder 1e systems every Saturday night on my Twitch channel in our other world, the Toy Soldier Saga. Follow or subscribe to support us! Twitch promotes the channels that get more followers and subscribers, and that helps us get the word out. You can use this link, the bright purple Twitch button over on the right, or check out our campaign page for more information.

Buy the Books

We set up this site so's our readers and gamers can watch us developin' our world in real-time. Our subscribers get to see all of our stuff before it's even released to the public! (Hint: You can get updates about new material before anyone else does by joinin' our Discord !) That said, the goal, of course, is books.   The Wyrd West Chronicles've been published as a series of seven novelettes and novellas, and you can find the Amazon link here. Or you can get a shiny trade paperback or hardcover of the first six, which were republished as Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West It's been gettin' great reviews, as I'm sure you saw on the main Wyrd West page. Order it from us or order it from Amazon!   Or y'all can just click on the book cover of Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West in the sidebar, and read the first chapter to decide if it's for you!  

Want a Sample Story?

Generic article | May 4, 2021

Can Graeme get the drop on a Desperado with infernal powers, before the outlaw gets the drop on him?

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Post-Armageddon Times by Rusty Trimble


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Published Books

The Wyrd West Chronicles
Generic article | Jun 7, 2021

Check out all the published books in the Wyrd West Chronicles so far!



Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West (Wyrd West Chronicles #1-6)


Gunsmoke & Dragonfire (featuring The Teeth of Winter (Wyrd West Chronicles #7)


Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West


$1 Beta Reader

Get first access to my work! This includes a digital download of every work of fiction I release and your name listed in the acknowledgements, as well as subscriptions to all my serialized series on World Anvil, which I try to post once a week! Feel free to offer your comments! I consider your opinion when I make my final edit. You also get draft chapters and deleted scenes from time to time. You also get special Crew privileges on my Discord server! Even if you've never used Discord before, it's fun and easy. We've got an amazing little community and we'd love to see you there!

$3 Audio Access

In addition to everything from the first tier, get access to my audio RSS! This might include podcasts, live readings, or streams of our Saturday night RPG. From time to time this will mean an actual professionally produced audiobook as well. I'll throw in the additional audio materials (like my related filk music and playlists) too.

$5 RPG Gaming & Music

In addition to all the benefits of the previous levels, you get access to all the RPG material we create for my worlds, as we're creating it!! We'll be starting with Pathfinder 1e, then D&D 5e, and so on from there. On top of that, you get one of my Mp3 albums FREE as a one-time gift! You pick which one. I will need to know how to contact you.

$10+ WA+, Vids, Behind-the-Scenes

In addition to everything at prior levels, you'll get access to a monthly video where I discuss my current projects, and part of my process for what I'm currently working on. Now your audio access to my live story readings includes video access as well, in a livestream! And on top of that, you get a subscription to all the secrets & hidden articles in both of my WorldAnvil universes!

$25+ Book, Classes, Insight

In addition to all of the stuff from the lower tiers, I will ship you one print book every year! (Your choice which). If you maintain this level for three or more months I will sign it first. You also get automatic FREE access to all my online writing classes! This includes anything I do with the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers, or my own Hybrid Writer's Academy, and any other paid writing classes I decide to do in the future, as long as you maintain your membership. Last, you get special access to Masters' only features of my worlds, such as behind-the-scenes insights into my process, personal notes, and sneak peaks!

$50+ Library & Personal Access

In addition to all of the stuff from the above levels, you get to help shape my worlds! Every month we'll get together in a half-hour Skype or Zoom meeting, and you can tell me what you want to see next! Need more maps? Let me know! Want more game material? Give us some direction! Want to know about secret tribes of the Badlands, or the climate on Goibnu's Teeth? Just ask! Also, I will ship you one copy of EVERY PRINT BOOK that I publish as long as you maintain your membership! That includes every paper print book and every RPG book. If you maintain this level for three or more months I (and my hubby, for the RPG books) will sign them first.


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