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Religion and the Gods

The Gods of Krosia

The young looking man sings raucously to a large group, they sing along, pounding the beat on the table with their mugs. He looks up with ancient eyes as tears start to stream down his face. His shadowy friend in the corner, nods his head, it's time to go.

"Fare well my friends! Remember us!"

The young looking man and his shadowy friend dissolve into sparks of light that ascend into the sky.

The gods used to walk among mortals, manifesting avatars and constantly dotting the world with half-breed demigods. In 3060, a century and a half before the present, the gods of Erathia, as a pantheon, decided to withdraw from the world. Their constant visits and interference had weakened planar barriers to the breaking point.

They now watch the world from beyond the Divine Gate, only granting spells and prayers and sending only omens and prophecies.


Religion After the Gods Withdraw

The gods left us, what do we owe them? We are our own masters. We are our own gods.
— Tazi Asadi, the Unbeliever

No one doubts that the gods existed or that divine power still exists. Most people still follow the gods, they pray to them and they still get answers.

However a growing number of people have been asking, "Do we still need the gods?"

Magic and technology have been advancing at a rapid pace since the withdrawal. That the mortal races have been held back by well-meaning but overly protective deities.

This is especially true for the "humanoid" races: orcs, goblins, minotaurs and others. With the Withdrawal, the whispers of evil gods in their minds has disappeared and they are now able to make moral decisions on their own. This has led to a flowering in their civilizations and their desire to join civilization with the rest of the mortal races.

5E Rules

Level Cap

The Withdrawal of the Gods put an effective cap of 20th level on mortals in Erathia. Every day at dawn, for every level above 20, characters have a 1% chance to be banished to another plane. (For example, a 25th level character rolls percentile dice every day. If they roll 5% or under, they are banished.

Mortals that wish to remain in the world can voluntarily choose not to take levels above 20.

Gods of Krosia

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