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Update 03.16.24

Tt's been nine months since the last update, and I apologize for that. On the flip side of that coin, I have a great deal of good news to share. My last proceedure in February last month went well, and I remain cancer free.   WantedHero's 5th WA birthday came yesterday, and we have renewed for another year (yup, yer stuck with me). Also, on a personal note,
my wife and I are expecting 4 more grandbabies in the next couple months.   Life is good.
I am very blessed.
...now for the creative news:   Life of Fiction hits 40 weeks of consistent publishing this next Monday. That has been no small feat, because I don't publish a single item or tidbits to satisfy nibbles. I want my readers to feel value in joining my community and personally interacting with me.   On Mondays I start the process with getting up at 4am to record the Morning Coffee video (that link goes to a funny one, BTW), sharing personal insights and experences with members of my community. Tuesdays provide a new article about fiction -- it could be a new piece (My Minds Eye is this next week), a short story, or any aspect of the Wanted Hero world. If you're lucky, it'll be by Höbin Luckyfeller, Finely Greenhopper, or even Asia Bailey.  
On Wednesdays you get to watch a speed drawing of something or someone from the WantedHero world, again, open to the public. Thursdays are dedicated to the Life of Fiction Podcast, available on all streaming platforms, unless it's 'BONUS' content,...which is exclusive to paid members of LoF. Finally, we come to Fridays...   This is where those who support me financially for the cost of a bad cup of coffee a week, get to read the latest chapter of the book I'm writing. Over the course of the last 40 weeks, we have already published THREE books: Demoni Vankil, Bloodsticks and our Collector's Comic Book Edtion (378 pages of fun). The current novel, CHOICES, is the re-writing of the first three novels in the Chronicles of a Hero series (Prelude, Race to Til-Thorin & Into the Fire). The story, now written from Wendell's point of view, seems to be going well.   Each chapter has averaged over 7000 words a week, released to paid members at 5PM, for your reading pleasure.   That's...a lot of content, a lot of writing...and a great deal of dedication to readers. All content, pointing to WorldAnvil and WantedHero.com. The best news being that the community and mailing list is growing steadily. In fact, this is the best email list I've built, and the best interaction I've had with readers since the comic book days of 2005.   So there you go. Lots of progress, and I am inviting you to come to LifeOfFiction and sign up for the free newsletter. Tons of weekly content that you just might love.

Update 06.15.23

Yeah, I know -- wow, this is the SECOND update in less than 60 days. But there is good REASON for this!  
I’m so happy to announce that the move to my new home is complete. The newly designed office, with custom furniture (gift from my two sons), is also complete.   What that means, is I’m almost back to normal...and ready to start my crazy writing schedule once more.   Hence this update: I’ve been thinking about my new writers journey. Thanks to my dear friend Deleyna, and her connection to Johnny B. Truant, I started engaging Johnny in some conversations via ‘substack’. The conversations aren’t important — though they were comical and sarcastic — it’s the substack that matters.   I’m moving "The Creators Blog" from my world, to substack, for more care and attention. The blog I attempted to build on WorldAnvil wasn’t my wisest idea. IMO it deluted what WantedHero is supposed to be. So I’m correcting this mistake.   As of right now, you can join me on Life of Fiction , where I’ll be A) talking about all things fiction, including my non-traditional paths to self-publishing, how I’ve made a living doing it, and; B) writing my books and posting behind the scenes work as I go (though this part will be for paid subscribers). Paid supporters will be able to give feedback, have their name in final publications as a special thanks, and get a digital copy of each completed work.   I'm also leaning heavily towards making a podcast for the blog as well.   Anyone interested in joining me can get a free subscription and interact with the weekly articles and conversations. I'd love to have poeple I know from this community engaging me there, and talking about our WorldAnvil adventures!   Just FYI -- "The Creators Blog" will be removed from my world soon, the articles being expanded upon, updated and moved to Life of Fiction. Hope to see you all there!!    

Update 05.09.23

Yes, I know -- not many updates have been given. But I CAN explain...  
In the last few months it's been one funeral after another. Casting tears after loved ones and friends, mourning our loss, only to stiffen our upper lip and get punched again, in the face.   Maybe that's not the best analogy, but...well, whatever. Life's been hard, and we keep trying to care for those around us. One of the deaths was in China, and my aunt had to leave the USA to tend to her mothers funeral. That left 'Uncle Bob' on his own from March until July this year. Frequent traveling an hour north to care for him ihas been added to my regular schedule, while my wife tends to our five still at home, and her own mother (who is moving in).   Just between you and me, I love staying with Bob and laughing with my aging uncle. He's truly a great and kind man. But that's what you do for those you love, right?   Oh don't look at me like that. You'd do the same, I know it -- you're a good-hearted person as well!   But wait--THERE'S MORE!  

We Have Moved

Along this path, I was offered an apartment in the town where we bought a small 1 acre lot. Our hope is to eventually build a house on that lot, but in the meantime, while I strive to increase my income, we get to enjoy the same neighbors, be closer to our best friends, and to (hopefully) live a more simplified life!   Hopefully.   Extra benefits include faster internet, a dedicated office for me (yay!), with solid, custom oak desk, shelves, wall mounted computer monitor, and a full wall chalkboard to work out my ideas while I pace the carpet in thought. This also provides me with a measure of stability to start writing novels again and developing this website.   Oh, how I have wished for this time to come for so many years!! I'll be sure to post pictures and most likely make a video once I'm settled, to show you the creative joy around me!   Thus I would like to end this joyful update with a spoken hope:
"By June 1st, I plan on being back in the throws of creation, bringing you both new and updated material to this site. My heartfelt dream and passion is to take Wanted:Hero and rebuild it to the magesty it should have started with. No more compromises.   So says the storyteller."

Update 10.22.22

It's been a while since I've posted an update--which was 10.22.21. Hahaha. Wow.
You may have noticed that the novels created for Wanted:Hero have been 'un'published and cannot be found for purchase, with the exception of the 'Prelude to a Hero' audiobook. Much to my frustration, one must agree to a minimum 7-year ocontractg with Audible to use their platform...but that's another story.   This website and world have not been shared in their entirety, and it's disturbed me. I've wanted to give you more. To provide a better experience than what I have up to know -- so that's what I'm doing. Improving my wordcraft and more fully developing this world, to share with you.  

What's New To See?

There are two important additions you might want to look at, along with revamped artwork and basic introduction clarifications, and they are:  
Boundless Characters to give your world, uhhh,....character?!

Infinity Journals

Advanced Worldbuilding Journals have been selling strong since they were created, but this is a digital age, with digital demands by writers. These new creations will allow you the ability to craft custom, printed journals, whenever and however you like, using Advanced Worldbuilding templates and our popular 'trigger questions' to help you create faster.
What makes these extra special, is that they can be combined OR you can purchase the 'Infinity Creator' version, which is all our topics in one product -- giving you unlimited journals with up to 1365 possible combinations.   Click the cover example or go to the Advanced Worldbuilding page to learn more and find purchase links.  

A Choose Your Own Ending Adventure

That's right -- there's a new adventure written and ready for your reading and choosing pleasure. Generations before Wendell ever shows up, events occur which set forces in motion, forever changing the future of this magical world.   It's called: The Gathering of Kings and though I'm working on the artwork and turning off the sidebars for better reading, it's ready to see...   That's all for now. Talk to you soon!


Author's Notes

If YOU would like to suggest material you feel should be included and/or developed for WHW,...OR if you are wanting to earn that LIFETIME subscription, leave your comments here. If you've left a review for Prelude to a Hero somewhere, please make sure you include the direct link so I can verify =).   And again, thank you for your support!

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Oct 5, 2019 05:41 by Lengna Olio

I have a question/something I'd like to see. But it doesn't have much to do with your world anvil specifically.
I'm wondering, do you plan to release/sell audio books in the future? Or have you already and I just missed them?

~Confused Soup
Oct 5, 2019 21:16 by Jaime Buckley

Hello Lengna =)

Audio books has a very direct link to this world/site, and I'm being asked this a great deal of late--so I'll try to answer as best I can.

Yes, I have always planned to have and sell audiobooks of this world. Of the novels, of interviews, kids shows and more. But specifically I have purchased an entire audio studio of equipment over the past 5 years to create audiobooks...and actually started making them in a dedicated room.

Then we lost our home. Me, my wife, 9 children, 2 grandchildren and grandpa (which we care for)...were without a place to live. For a little while we were literally in tents, because the home we rented was sold from under us, and we didn't have enough of a down payment/credit to buy it in time.

Thus all the equipment was put in storage, until we got into THIS house--and unfortunately I have a Harry Potter office. Under the stairs, no windows and all the main plumbing in the east wall. So any attempt I've made to do an audiobook comes up with too much background noise.

So I'm getting there--hopefully soon. Fans have asked for them. I want to do them. There's equipment TO do them...now I just need a quiet place to make it all happen!

Long story short [TOO LATE]...is yes & no. Yes I plan on it, no you didn't miss them.

Oh, wait....I have ONE audiobook done. ComPLETELY forgot about this:

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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Oct 6, 2019 19:06 by Lengna Olio

Thank you for answering! <3 Sounds like you've been through quite a lot there. I hope things become easier for you going forward. I'll defiantly have to get Demoni Vankil while I wait for more.
Due to my dyslexia and failing eyesight I find reading a whole book to be extremely difficult, so audio books are a godsend.

~Confused Soup
Jun 9, 2023 13:03 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Sending prayers, love, and hugs your way always. If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out. <3

Jun 9, 2023 15:46 by Jaime Buckley

Awwww, I always love when you show up and comment. Makes me smile until my cheeks hurt. LOL   Thank you, WordGirl. Many, MANY changes happening right now, every one of them is good.   So nice to be able to SAY that!!

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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Jun 9, 2023 16:08 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)
Jun 15, 2023 21:49

Love the updates my friend. I had to un-like to re-lile :-)

Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
not Ruleplaying
not Rollplaying
Jun 16, 2023 03:27 by Jaime Buckley

Taking a deeeeep breath to step back into the game. I know I have it in me -- it's just about getting the first couple steps forward, find that familiar stride...then write a few novels to get those juices flowing!

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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Jun 15, 2023 22:06 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Congrats on the successful move! The link appears to be broken, unfortunately. Nevertheless, much success with your writing! <3

Jun 16, 2023 03:25 by Jaime Buckley

Link is fixed. Tried to send to a specific page, which apparently you cannot do (?) ...and thanks.

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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Mar 17, 2024 21:31 by Deleyna Marr

Congratulations on all of the amazing progress!!! And I love the stories and material you are putting out.

Mar 19, 2024 02:26 by Jaime Buckley

(bows)   Thank you.   So much to do for one person. Even if he DOES have 1.5 billion split personalities.

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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