Official News & Updates from creator Jaime Buckley

Update 10.22.21

It's been a while since I've posted an update--and for good reason. There is so much going on at the same time, and being one person, overload has become a regular emotion. *Ungh*.   But it's all good. Progress is good--and one of my best friends actually quit his job to help me market Wanted Hero and get these stories out to the world.   ...which brings us to the two main updates!!  

UPDATE #1: Life of Fiction podcast

I've had the domain name for almost eight years now, I believe. The show is similar to my 'Life is LIKE Fiction' podcast I did with my kids...but this specific program is dedicated to the world of Wanted Hero--my process of being a creative, AND answering reader questions.   What makes this particular show so special to me, is that I've been asking the characters of my world to join me on the show. Both for interviews and for explaining the lore of the world. Not all have agreed, but I Höbin Luckyfeller and Finley Greenhopper have both committed to assist me throughout the first season, at least.   Thank goodness.   Chuck and Dax have also agreed tomake at least one apperance--so that should be fun.   The podcast is set to launch weekly (Season One) on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021.   My hope here is to encourage teens to listen, and if they find the worldbuilding of the story intriguiging, then they should consider taking advantage of update #2...  

UPDATE #2: Chronicles Starter Pack

In an effort to provide both an easier way to start this adventure, and also to provide as much value possible, I believe we have found a win-win combination.   Anyone who enjoys digital books (like I do), will be able to get the first three books in the Chronicles of a Hero series for a discounted price (roughly $2 less as a pack, rather than buying the books seperately).   ...but it get's better.
Wayyyyyy better.   When you go to and share the link with a friend (check out the white bar at the top of the page for the offer)--you BOTH get 25% off when you buy the Strater Pack.
  Wait,....there's more.   The offer STACKS!!   If you email two friends with the link and they both buy--they each get 25%, but YOU get 50% off.   If you email four friends and they all buy the starter pack, they each get 25%, but YOU get 100% off!   Yeah--it was Höbin's idea, and I thought it was clever. A way to market the books, give value, and if we're blessed, readers will be more apt to spread the word (fingers crossed).   The offer is only valid when you buy directly from us--but there's a bonus with that as well. Since we want to move away from platforms like Amazon, who sell you the files WE give THEM, we've decided to use the portion they claim as profit and use it to bring hope to kids confined to cancer wards and state correctional facilities.   Welp, that's it for now. Hope you'll listen to the show, and if you know anyone who might like a comical epic fantasy, we wouldn't mind if you told them to 'Join The Adventure Today!' The bok offer is now live =)   *grin*    

Update 4.17.21

It's been a hard month. Not because of work or expanding Wanted Hero--but because the older I get, the more friends I have been forced to say 'goodbye' to.   ...and it breaks my heart.   My son in law lost his mother, who was a dear, kind woman, and had been a friend for 26 years.   It caused me to ponder and rethink a great deal on what I'm trying to accomplish, both in life, and with these projects.   I need to be better prepared for the unknown. To make sure you still have stories for many decades to come.  
Stories you can share, recommend, and pass on to those you love.
...or those you just moderately like.   As of 4.13.21 a new plan was put into play, that will start expanding my original goals.   The ones I've been feverishly working on since 2005? Yeah, those.
Old news.
The biggest change being--I don't want to give power and control to people who just don't give a damn about what I'm doing or respect that I want to give my whole creative soul to you.   Because I love you.
Yes, I realize for many that may sound odd--but those who know me can attest to my love for the human soul--and my core belief that YOU matter.   That's why I'm taking the leap of faith and building WantedHero on a new platform to add to this world right here. A place where I can privide the digital books, printed books, audiobooks, blog posts, podcasts, videos, HD art downloads and more, DIRECTLY TO YOU...without having to rely on the big tech companies, or be shut down by the overbearing company that rhymes with 'Noodle'.   A place where I can turn my full attention to you, like it should be.   This means a republication of my printed books, including new formatting for both digital and print--and I'm working hard on the audiobooks, too. I have purchased all the needed tools to do this, and a fan recently purchased a new Mac Mini as a gift to help me keep going (thank you SO much for that crazy kindness)!!   In short--please forgive me for my lack of interaction. I am still here, working's just that such losses of late have been weighing on my soul a bit more than usual.   Now you know...and knowing's half the battle...G.I.--OOPS--copyrighted.   NVM.   Talk soon.   ~ Jaime  

Update 2.24.21

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Late, I know, but it's not like you were waiting for me to say it--I'm being polite.   The progress made with Wanted Hero has been nothing less than epic since the new year started, and I want to share a few things with you.   First off--thank you to my supporters, those who have kept Höbin warm, fed, and a few happy with plenty of Blackseed Rum in his belly. When he's happy, I'm happy. But I also want to thank the amazing 'Pain Rankers' from YouTube, who reached out to me last month, looking for the audiobook versions of my books.   When they couldn't FIND audiobooks, they contacted me. When I explained I didn't HAVE audiobooks, specifically because I didn't have the audio equipment, they were so anxious to get there hands on this storyline....they bought me the equipment (expensive), and had it sent to my home.   No strings attached.   Yeah. I was blown away and overwhelmed with gratitude, which was compounded with the offer from my local head librarian (a fan) offered my access to the library after hours--so I can RECORD the books.   No strings attached.   That's where I am right now--learning how to use the new equipment, and prepping to start recording next Monday!   Now, to add to that great news, I am delighted to announce that Book 8: HOWLING SHADOWS has been PUBLISHED! Yup, it is now live and available in both eBook and paperback. So you can grab your copy now.   Last, but not least--I have closed down my social media accounts. That means I am no longer on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (owned by Facebook).   This was done due to stress and hundreds of notices thrown at me each and every day. Just didn't want to deal with it anymore, and shutting off notifications wasn't helping. Honestly, I was too addicted, and it was holding my writing back. SOOOOooooo, they are no more, and I will deal with restarting social media once I have achieved certain writing goals that i will not disclose at this time.   Just know it was all for the best--I am already writing more than three times as much and I finally have peace of mind. Audio is now the priority, as I start on Book 9, AND I will still be on YouTube, Pinterest, and well as here, the wonderful   Talk again, very soon!    

Update 12.08.20

Much has been happening behind the scenes here at   Book #8 in the Chronicles of a Hero series (Howling Shadows) is complete in it's first draft and has been given to my Alpha Readers for the once-over shotgun process. I've asked them to show no mercy--and give me critical feedback. I'm about to do the first major edit and my hope is to have the book published before Spring 2021.   I'm also plotting out the next 2 books in the series. This includes some extensive world building on my part, and additions to this website.   Sad News-- I have contracted COVID, which has been exceptionally dangerous with my chronic bronchitis...and breathing has been an extreme struggle. All work has stopped, including streaming, YouTubing, and even worldbuilding for the most part. I spend most of my time hunched over, in a chair, exhausted from coughing--focusing on breathing in and out.   My hope is to resume work as soon as i can breathe easy enough.    

Update 6.15.20

This is the happiest moment of this creative adventure thus far.   I say this, because in sharing my profound admiration to a fellow creative, Roger Davis--fawning over his amazing themed world of Travomia, I expressed why I loved his world so much, and he promptly shared his entire css stylesheet!   (Squeals like a little girl on Christmas day...)   That being said, you might have noticed a few visual changes around this world.   TRANSLATION: It's looking a hell-of-a-lot-better!   Spacing is good, the art covers are looking more blended, and everything is taking on a deeper 'fantasy' feel, right?   That was a rhetorical question.   So this is letting you know that amazing things are happening here at Wanted Hero and I wanted you to be the first to know!  
• Our theme is getting some nice touchups (and I'm cleaning up my css--using variables now, yay)   • Sections are starting to get moved behind the paywall   • Our 'Buy Immortality' is once again live and selling (oh, and we'd like to congratulate Mr. Death on taking the job as Executive Marketing Director!)   • Book 8: Howling Shadows is being tweaked just a hair to include our first Immortality client, who has a character appearing with the main character!  Our YouTube channel has also been created! What's our fist goal? To hit 125 subscribers, so we can create the custom domain. Consider subscribing and let me know what kind of content you'd like to see--both on the YT channel and over here!
  There is so much I want to share and craft for you this year...and it's time to tear up the landscape doing just that.   Have a great JUNE!!          

Epic Update 5.23.20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.   Oh alright, it's not my birthday until the 27th, but I'm always excited when the month of May comes around!   May 27th is WANTED HERO DAY, and for the last 17 years, has been declared a "National Holiday" in my home--no school, no chores, plenty of food, drink, and laughter (feel free to join us, it'll eventually catch on). It's a time to celebrate as we take another major step in progress with this world/story.   This year is about creating EXCLUSIVITY.   Due to the plans we have, of creating not only books but podcasts, videos, artwork, exclusive merch, and a huge TTRPG aspect of the site, is both expanding and raising a paywall in four more days.   Let me explain:  
• All world information will be divided by book. I'm developing the world by making lists of every person, item, place, and event from each published book. That information will be split into specific types--FREE and FISHES (subscriptions).   • All items ON the list will remain FREE (by using a code at the back of that specific book), while all the deeper information CONNECTED to that list will go behind the paywall.   • Anyone willing to support our efforts by becoming a patron of the site for $3 a month, will get access to everything we make, now and in the future, even after the monthly price goes up to $20/mo, including all future tiers and perks!   That includes books, stories, interviews, exclusive artwork, podcasts, videos, choose-your-own-ending adventures, comic books, TTRPG resources, and whatever else we come up with.   It's our way of saying 'Thank You' for supporting our efforts to build this world.  
  12-9-20 UPDATE: Subscriptions have been reworked and are now $3|$5|$10 a month. If you want to EARN a LIFETIME Subscription, you still can, for a limited time--by signing up to my newsletter you will find out HOW. The offer will show up roughly 72 hours after you join the fan list. There are limited lifetime when they're gone, that's it!

Update 2.27.20

HAPPY NEW YEAR-ish. Yeah, okay, it's almost March--AND it's a LEAP year. Good news though--the first list of 55 articles covering Prelude to a Hero is done!   What's next? First thing is making the new list to cover Race to Til-Thorin character, places and events...then republishing an updated version of Prelude with links to this site.   Which reminds me--I have a special secret for you: We are in the process of creating a single eBook containing ALL the books published so far for Wanted Hero, in chronological order.   This book will be offered at a special price--but that's just half of it. If you buy the compilation, you will also get a one year subscription to this website, which activates December 1st, 2020. So you'll get roughly 500K words of fiction addiction to read, and access to at least another 500K on this website. Secrets, lore, artwork, podcasts...and so...much...more.   OH--AND WE NOW HAVE A WEBHOOK TO OUR DISCORD maybe consider joining us?   So stay tuned and save your pennies. We don't have a price yet, but I'll keep you in the loop on this page...    

Update 12.27.19

With the dawn of 2020 next week, I've crafted a strict schedule of development for this site. More time has been allocated to the development of both word and artwork, and as of this moment, I've completed the uploading of a choose-your-own-ending adventure for you to enjoy--as soon as I connect the 200+ links between the articles. It's called "The Gathering of Kings"...and takes place approx. 650 years before Wendell's story begins.   As for the development list, here are a few things on the priority list:
• Kyliene
• Ithari
• Iskari
• The Pinnacle
• Erimuri/Sanctuary
• The Key
• Verrdrä (the Dragon Lords)
• Kutollum
• Prime Gate
• Clockworks City
• Arödrin
• Evolu
• Nocturi
• Vallen
• Trench Wars
• mägo
  There's more on the list than what you see above--and I have also purchased the map creation tool 'Wonderdraft' which will allow me to start making more maps (SO excited)! That's it for now. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!  

Update 10.9.19

Planning a world experience is no small task! Here I was, thinking that this would be little more than adding my secret/personal notes to this amazing platform for you to see and that would be that...   WRONG!   Creating an open world for you to walk through and explore requires such a delicate balance, or I run the threat of exposing spoilers, ruining your future reading experiences of books I haven't even PUBLISHED yet!   When I started making a list of what needed to be built to officially launch WantedHeroWorld, I realized that's exactly the path I was walking.   Sooooooo, I got my son on a Discord chat and hammered out a new plan. We came up with a strategy that would achieve the original desires, but release information in a steady flow--while making sure what we post isn't premature to what's been published:  

Published Books Become Priority

WantedHeroWorld will be developed in three ways:
  1. by books already published;
  2. by established notes;
  3. by idea and/or public request
The information here must support the stories you've already read. If you haven't read the books first (shame on you, BTW) then the information on this site should encourage you and point you to those books. The whole connection should enhance your experience. So we will START with making sure the characters and places form the books are available first.   Next, we will take chunks of the 3+ million words in notes in my endless black books and infuse them into this world--expanding upon the areas from the books. You'll be able to study, travel and enjoy aspects of the published books you didn't even know existed!   Lastly, we have plans to develop aspects of this world which isn't directly connected to the published books, but is an essential part of the world that we want to share. These may include requests or suggestions from you or our community. We take this aspect seriously, so we will develop these requests and ideas--but ONLY release them AFTER the foundation has been created to support the published book it's based upon.  


List coming soon.
  NOTE: You may notice that there is a great number of subjects listed in the codex (table of contents) of the main page, but lacking content. This was the original 'To Do' list we developed from. We will be leaving those in place and build them as they are connected to a published work.

News 10.4.19

This is one of the great milestones of my life. As for today--I'm making an official declaration to do all in my power to craft WantedHeroWorld into something special. Those who love the books will be able to fall into this environment and lose themselves deeper than ever before.  
When I got my second official review in 2011, it said:
I must dedicate part of this review to the author, Jaime Buckley. This guy is a genius. The effort and heart he has obviously put into his work, the characters and this world is mind-blowing. I cannot wait to be pulled into this fantastic world again.
— Books That Spark, UK
My heart just about stopped.   Someone other than my family and friends liked the stories falling like waves from my mind!   From that very moment I wanted to make sure every snippet and story added to the main storyline would maintain that perspective and cherished opinion. For the last nine years I've tried to be relentless in building upon that first book, Prelude to a Hero which turned into a connective storyline bigger than my readers could imagine.   To date, there are 10 books in 3 series, a slew of short stories, four games based on the books, including an Amazon card game sensation called GO Smiley! But this is just the beginning...   There are plans for so much more, which includes artwork, games, dozens of novels, and podcasts--all in the works as I wrote this. Here's a small taste:  

So what's next?

The last thing I want to do is over promise and under deliver.
So for now, I want you to know that I'm creating a list of what should be built first for this world. In the next update, I'll share the list of what I'll be constructing, so you know what's coming. If you'd like to make a request to have a subject added, you can leave that request in the comments below.  

Would You Like A Lifetime Subscription?

WantedHeroWorld will eventually be a subscription platform. Yes, there will always be plenty of material available to the casual reader, but most of the content, including all the lore and extras...will go behind a paywall eventually.  
Would you like to earn a lifetime membership? It's EASY and SIMPLE.   All you have to do is download a FREE copy of my first book, PRELUDE TO A HERO from ANY platform: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Playster, SCRIBD, and even leave a review.   That's it. Contact me with a link to your review and I'll give you a lifetime membership for this site!   You'll always have access to exclusive content, maps, and if you're interested--you can give me feedback and help me build it through your recommendations and suggestions!   Open enrollment will close sometime in 2020, depending upon how much content I'm able to develop, so don't delay!   Talk to you soon,


Author's Notes

If YOU would like to suggest material you feel should be included and/or developed for WHW,...OR if you are wanting to earn that LIFETIME subscription, leave your comments here. If you've left a review for Prelude to a Hero somewhere, please make sure you include the direct link so I can verify =).   And again, thank you for your support!

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5 Oct, 2019 05:41

I have a question/something I'd like to see. But it doesn't have much to do with your world anvil specifically.
I'm wondering, do you plan to release/sell audio books in the future? Or have you already and I just missed them?

~Confused Soup
5 Oct, 2019 21:16

Hello Lengna =)

Audio books has a very direct link to this world/site, and I'm being asked this a great deal of late--so I'll try to answer as best I can.

Yes, I have always planned to have and sell audiobooks of this world. Of the novels, of interviews, kids shows and more. But specifically I have purchased an entire audio studio of equipment over the past 5 years to create audiobooks...and actually started making them in a dedicated room.

Then we lost our home. Me, my wife, 9 children, 2 grandchildren and grandpa (which we care for)...were without a place to live. For a little while we were literally in tents, because the home we rented was sold from under us, and we didn't have enough of a down payment/credit to buy it in time.

Thus all the equipment was put in storage, until we got into THIS house--and unfortunately I have a Harry Potter office. Under the stairs, no windows and all the main plumbing in the east wall. So any attempt I've made to do an audiobook comes up with too much background noise.

So I'm getting there--hopefully soon. Fans have asked for them. I want to do them. There's equipment TO do I just need a quiet place to make it all happen!

Long story short [TOO LATE] yes & no. Yes I plan on it, no you didn't miss them.

Oh, wait....I have ONE audiobook done. ComPLETELY forgot about this:

Your New Author Friend =)
My World
6 Oct, 2019 19:06

Thank you for answering! <3 Sounds like you've been through quite a lot there. I hope things become easier for you going forward. I'll defiantly have to get Demoni Vankil while I wait for more.
Due to my dyslexia and failing eyesight I find reading a whole book to be extremely difficult, so audio books are a godsend.

~Confused Soup
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