To Do Lists

We NEED To Do Lists

After engaging in this wild adventure for 5840 days straight, one thing comes to mind...


Are we there yet, mommy?

  No?   Fine.   We need To Do Lists.   You may be able to remember everything you need to do—that is, unless you’re a man. We can’t.   Ask any woman.   *ahem* (smirk)

Why make To Do Lists?


REASON #1:Paper is the perfect memory

It really is my friends, so why not take advantage of it? For some reason, writing things down also forces me to think more about them. It becomes more official in my mind.  

REASON #2: Focus

Plus, once you have the lists down, you can stay focused on the exact tasks at hand—for the decision has already been made! That’s right. You can focus and hammer out your list in record time.  

REASON #3: Helps you prioritize

Your To Do List is a compilation of what you should get done, but many times we spend time doing the important things...rather than focusing on the MOST important things. Not sure what I mean? How often do you side step a project to check an email “quickly,” or you’re doing research and soon find yourself spending time on Pinterest collecting bathroom ideas instead of completing that history paper or freelance writing job?   Never? Wow. Ok, then it’s just me.   I use To Do Lists to make sure I’m doing the MOST important things in order of their importance.  

REASON #4: Avoid Multi-Tasking

I don’t want to argue with you about this, so I’ll just say it’s a great way to convince ourselves we’re more productive instead of BEING productive. Yes, there are a rare breed that are able to multi-task, but they are rare. Don’t kid yourself. Try prioritizing your time and tasks and push yourself without distractions and see how fast you work.  

REASON #5: Provides more and more of less and less

The reason I use To Do Lists, is because it leaves space for the important things in life, doing what you really want to do. Isn’t that why we really labor in the first place? Earning a living so in one form or another, we can actually enjoy life as we choose to?   What? You mean there’s supposed to be an UPSIDE to all this?   Yeah. It was a revelation to me too.   Lists help you FIND THE TIME.  

What did I put on my list today?

1. Love my wife and children by taking a moment with each of them to tell them why they mean the world to me.
2. Help Simon work on his dragon ecosystem for our world.
3. Create another 50 entry topics for this world based on the second book in my series.
4. Outline the article, so you have something wonderful to come back to.
  Hope you had an awesome go worldbuild!  

Tell me what YOU are working on in the comments below!

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2 May, 2020 05:36

I am currently working on my first world, first novel. TBH, I sometimes have no idea what I'm doing. But I made an outline, I have my todo list, and I attempt to write something every day. I'm fortunate in that I've probably written over 20,000 words so far towards my first book. In just the few months since I've started, I've learned quite a lot. Your site (world) was one of the first WA sites I ever visited, and it's beauty and creativity is what inspires me. I'd like to get to this point someday. I would say at least once a week, I learn something new about writing that I never knew. Whether that's listening to a lecture by Brandon Sanderson on YouTube, or listening to World Anvil writers via podcast, I challenge myself to become better. Thanks for doing what you do. You are an inspiration.

2 May, 2020 06:00

Awwwwww, thank you so much, Karen, for your kind words.   Funny thing is, I'm right there with you. Just a little further down the same path, that's all.   You already have two of the most important things going for you:   • Write, every day. No matter what, we can grow if we're not DOING...;   • Never stop learning! It doesn't matter how long you've been writing or how many books you've completed, there's always something more we can take in to help us grow and stretch beyond where we are. =)   I'd like to recommend "Writing Excuses" podcast to add to your list, Karen--it's only 15 minute an episode, but wonderful and educational. And if it's not too shameful, you might get a laugh or three out of my family podcast: Life is Like Fiction   You can find it on iTunes and Spotify and stitcher and, and, and.....soon to be on this website, along with many other shows.   Thank you for sharing, Karen and I HOPE you'll stop in and let me know how you're doing? If I can help in any way, I'm here!!

Jaime Buckley
Follow Wanted Hero | YouTube
3 May, 2020 18:42

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Cheers!

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