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Within the vast sea of six thousand radio and internet stations of Clockworks City, one sound stands out, grabbing the attention of the city it speaks too.   The Voice.   The Voice resonates with the public.   The Voice speaks the mind and heart of citizens who live paycheck to paycheck, struggling with the inequality a government forces upon them.   The Voice speaks up when others fall silent.

The Voice Discovered

During a political interview of District 14’s Lieutenant Governor Spritzer Cox, the airwaves were highjacked by a deep, soothing voice. A pirate station at an undisclosed location challenged the position of the political hack, exposing nefarious intentions and his shady track record in political office.   The conflict became so heated, Rep. Spritzer lost his cool and in turn, lost the race for Governor over District 14.   Though the public went back to daily life, the Executives at WHRN knew there was something special about this pirate on the airwaves.  

WHRN Contract

When a Centurion Captain was interviewed about accusations of police brutality, he openly denied the public claims. Yet when protesters showed up at the WHRN studios to harass the officer, a voice rang clear over the public loudspeakers—used to share the stations live broadcasts.   The pirate, calling himself ‘The Voice’, shared hard facts and exposed a short list of anti-freedom terrorist groups trying to dismantle the Centurions. The Voice quoted sources for the people to do their own homework—stating the intent of the terrorist groups was to ‘feast upon the lives and flesh of the populace without regard to law’.   WHRN techs were not able to trace the signal—but instead, sent out a call to ‘The Voice’ and made an offer:
Come work for WHRN and receive full backing and anonymity.   The Voice has been exclusive with the station ever since—and management protects The Voice’s identity for fear of losing their top talent.

Voice Facts:

  • No one knows who The Voice actually is, except WHRN Executives.   • Employees are excused form he studio when The Voice enters from a side door, created just for him. No cameras or cell phones are permitted in the studio during recording hours.   • The Producer of The Voice is isolated in the sound booth, and only has audio access to the recording booth.   • The Voice is a smoker and will occasionally drink alcohol on set.   • Investigative reporters have been trying to expose who The Voice is for over decade—none have succeeded.   • It is believed that The Voice has been directing the open rebellion of the populace against the Government Faction, and was a key leader in the factory uprisings during Season 3 of Trench Wars.

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Jul 24, 2020 21:13

What a coincidence! My unassuming character is also called The Voice, but they are a mysterious person ruling a country from behind the scenes

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Jul 25, 2020 13:46 by Jaime Buckley

If you think about it--The Voice could be influencing YOU from behind the scenes, to control another country from behind the scenes, ....from....behind the scenes.

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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