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Silas O’Brien

Master Artisan. Father. Grandfather. Widower.

Silas is a respected artisan woodcarver from the small Adilain village of Putayal. One of the oldest residents, he seldom mixes among his neighbors and peers, preferring the solitude of his farm and two massive ridge hounds to socializing.   A respected artisan woodcarver from the small Adilain village of Putayal, Silas is one of the oldest residents. He seldom mixes among his neighbors and peers, preferring the solitude of his farm and two massive ridge hounds to socializing.   Putayal was, at one time, a bustling place for a woodcarver to find their fortune among true artisans. Men and women sought after by the rich and affluent for their ideas and rare tastes to be brought to life in living wood, and the greatest among them is Silas O’Brien.   Some would argue that the wise artist and master of the shaping knives was the main force behind the success of their village. Others would claim the credit to themselves. Either way, the truth makes itself know—for the rich still call upon Silas, while leaving Putayal and the other carvers in the old man’s shadow.  


Silas has made furniture, toys, and even rune-engraved staves for nobles, kings, queens and mägo alike. King Robert III commissioned Silas to craft the very throne he sits upon in the City of Andilain, while King Borislav still brags about the ‘perfect’ basinet craved from a single piece of wood, used for every child he’s sired.   In his old age, Silas O’Brien found a new passion for toy making. His fame has continued to rise among the wealthy, who seek out his lovely creations rumored to be endowed with a dabbing of magic.  


Silas and his wife Lyndle had twin girls. They lived a simple yet happy life—but mountain life isn’t for those with weak constitutions. A harsh winter brought illness to the farm and both children passed before their first birthday.   Overwhelmed with grief, the couple was befriended by the Mayer family who had two young children of their own: Vall Mayer (age 10) and Elsa Mayer(age 3).   Silas answered screams from his wife and neighbors, saving young Elsa from an attacking black bear. He engaged the beast with both spear and the help of his dog, saving the life of the child,…but not before losing the life of his beloved.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Silas requires leg braces to walk, which he acquired in trade from the Gentre. Made of thin, fine steel, he can still work long hours standing without undue fatigue.

Mental characteristics


Silas was trained as a carver by his own grandfather. A natural sculptor, he excelled in all things having to do with wood, clay or stone, shaping anything his eye could see or mind imagine. He won a local contest where he was raised, granting him a short, but valuable apprenticeship with a professional woodcarver, who encouraged Silas to pursue his passion as a profession.   It's important to note that Silas O'Brien has also received minor training in preparatory magic for the specific purpose of crafting wood, clay and stone items to be imbued with magical properties. This training was offered to him via the University of Magic after sculpting The Golem Protector.


Silas is a Master Artisan in the craft of wood, clay, and stone, with extensive clientele throughout Andilain, and other kingdoms, including the Kutollum and Evolu people.

Mental Trauma

Silas is considered a hermit after the loss of his two children and wife. He prefers the company of his own creations and his two Ridge Hound's.

Morality & Philosophy

A brutally honest man, Silas always does business on a win-win basis. Though he doesn't believe people to be basically good OR intelligent, he strives to give folks the benefit of the doubt, unless he has been intentionally lied to.

Personality Characteristics


Lief is hard, yes--but Silas can't stand the thought of his beloved wife seeing him being unkind or up on life. Instead, he is determined to live life through his work and has a deep fondness for the young orphan, Elsa Mayer, for which his dear wife gave her life to save.

Vices & Personality flaws

Every year, on the anniversary of his wife's death, Silas spends the week drinking excessively.
“I can’t abide stupid people. Ignorance is one thing, but to have the opportunity to understand another better and choosing not to? There’s no excuse for such mental cowardice.”
AGE: 72
RACE: Human

EYES: Hazel

HAIR: thinning white hair with receding hairline

HEIGHT: 6’ 2”

WEIGHT: 12 Stone
  Silas has the strength, endurance, and stature of a human man who engages in moderate regular exercise, along with the posture and hands of a man who has forked his life hunched over, carving wood.   FAMILY
Lyndle (wife/deceased)
Amelie & Rosella (twin girls/deceased)
Silas knows enough Kutollun, Evolu, Gypsy and even a smattering of Iskari to conduct business and to haggle in various currencies.

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