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Also known as 'Woodcutter Cove', this small village in the mountains of Andilain holds some of the best wood carvers of this generation.

An older and less traveled village, Putayal is recognized by the wealthy and elite to be one of the greatest collection of woodworking talent in Andilain.
Once a wealthy mountain village where merchants fought to secure contracts, is now little more than a shadow of its previous glory. Too many harsh winters and dishonest merchants have thinned the community, forcing all but stubborn to ride the seasons with loggers and trappers.
"This used to be a decent place to live. The locals have lost their gumption and become as dense as birch trees. Greed and selfishness are the cause of their woes, not some misfortune. Ain't no victims here. Merchants were right to pull out and leave the locals to their own fate if ys ask me."
— Silas O'Brien


Though the village is primarily human, travelers are usually welcome enough. That is if they mind their manners and have enough coin.


Putayal is a farming/trapping/logging community. The folk are tough, hardy and determined to survive.
Several families still make a living producing curious workmanship in furniture, statues and even wooden toys. Nearly a dozen ‘wood hunters’ still practice the art of scavenging...finding the best pieces of rare woods for the carvers of the village.
On the north end of ‘the loop’ is a large sawmill (defunct, but being rebuilt), while the remaining businesses include a winebibber, trappers of large game (producing meats, furs, and organs for the apothecary) and the local tavern, The Den.


Putayal is along the rocky ridge of the eastern mountains of Andilain. Dense forest with fertile soil, rare wild herbs, and abundant wildlife. There are several large rivers which run past the village, supplied both from snow runoff and the natural spring they call 'Porina' (Humming--for all the hummingbirds attracted to the area in the spring).

Natural Resources

wood, pine nuts, rare herbs, pure water, flint, ore deposits, wildlife

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