Rune Seals

There is a special magical craft that was once performed to save the world.   Mahan was not able to be destroyed, but he was captured and bound.   The most powerful evil this world has ever know, and he was…bound.   This craft took years to discover and are to master.   Yet in the end, it bound the might of darkness and cast him into the great abyss of space and time.   …for now.

The Power of Runes

I don’t claim to know much about these things.   Yes, I realize that I was the fishis that wrote about the Demoni Vankil, but the specific workings of the lore are beyond the minds of most mortals.   What I can tell you, is that it took a team of individuals, with the sanction of the Neuvo-Kuisa and an unknown number of sacrificial beings to bring this terrifying power to life.   It wasn’t natural, but the goal wasn’t natural either.   Complicated runes, encasing three seals to bind the feet, hands and tongue.    

Cannot Be Duplicated

I don’t know if there are any notes left, pertaining to this craft—the making of seals. I’ve searched for years, and I’ve been given far more access to records on a handful of continents to search sacred records, uncover tombs, even disprove myths and legends in the attempt of bringing this technology to light once more.   It cannot be duplicated. At least not by the likes of me.   The only ones NOT talking, are from the University of Magic .   …but mägo are a paranoid lot.

Parts of a Rune


This is called by the Rune-Lords as the ‘first language’. It’s the primary symbol in the center of a rune—usually the biggest symbol. This first language is then surrounded by three sections:  


This is the ‘intent of power’—or the command of where to pull the power from that will feel the rune’s purpose.  


The ‘binding magic’ are the runes behind the performance of the magic. I’ve often said it’s the sticky part that keeps the bread together.  


These are the ‘words of life’ and are the symbols that active the entire rune—igniting it’s purpose.

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The only ones NOT talking, are from he @University of Magic.
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