To the south of Humär, twelfth island to the east of the Kätulu, is Nothing.   A place of abundance in all things, this land which does, in reality, exist — is where the greatest spiritualists come to learn of the truth. To join their minds and hearts with a people who have no unrighteous desires, have no ill will towards man nor beast, a people who have only to ask…and the Universe provides.   All who seek for the deepest peace, seek Nothing.

Location of Peace

Those who arrive at this settlement will find open arms and loving countenances, accepting all who desire to know more about themselves and the world around them. There is always room for another soul seeking further light and knowledge. The location affords Nothing with calm and consistent temperatures year round, allowing for minimal clothes, perfect growing conditions, and an environment that provides all things in abundance.   One would think the abundance of Nothing would be sought by others, and it was so. Yet, invaders, seeking to ravage and control this settlement, found their ships dashed against Nothing, sinking to their deaths in the depths of the sea. All the while, the people with no name, willing to give Nothing to anyone who asked in honesty and truth, continued to meditate on Nothing. Waiting.    

Everything comes from Nothing

Any pilgrimage to Nothing yields the greatest of rewards, if one is seeking peace of the soul, and truth of the Universe around them. Of the many principles one can learn and adopt, there are three most precious, founded upon Nothing.  

The Nature of Evil

The first great principle is that all suffering is from ignorance in not understanding the nature of evil. It cannot endure. Evil always has a beginning and an end. Where light endures forever, existing in and through all things, evil is a manifestation of turning from that light. Even the great evil of Mahan had a beginning, when the mantle was accepted by beings willing to sacrifice the light they had for something selfish and carnal.   So it is with evil, which is the way the Universe teaches lessons we must learn. This in turn will free us from this evil, for we can then rise above it. Should we not learn the lesson afforded us, we will necessarily be thrown back into experiences with evil until we can learn the lessons required.  

Universal Balance

The second great principle is that the Universe is just. All things are balanced, we reap what we sew — all things returning to us in its own time. To know that the Universe is just, is to understand that all things will be balanced in the end. If we give only love, then we will receive that love back, regardless of the actions of others, as the Universe settles the scales.   Evil men and women may seem to prosper for a time, but the weight of their own thoughts, feelings and decisions will come back to them in full measure. This principle allows one seeking truth for the sake of truth to let go of all things, knowing that one can live in full service, for the Universe will reward all for their deeds in the end, the balance perfectly restored.  

All Things Are Created From The Mind

The third principle is understanding that all things begin in thought. All creations come from thought, which lend to the belief that we should all control what we think and focus on.   In a demonstration upon Nothing, leaders had gathered from far and wide, seeking an understanding of this very principle. With such a gathering, there was little food available to feed the people — so the natives asked all to fast for one day. The father of Nothing encouraged all to meditate upon the scene of an abundant feast, where all felt full and happy.   Though many questioned, all complied, the natives meditating in a circle at the center of Nothing.   A storm arose that hour, the winds whipping wildly through the huts as visitors huddled together in fear. Yet, the natives remained unmoved. That is, until someone yelled in alarm.   The waves of the sea had dashed against the rocky shoreline, great boulders at the base of the village. Striking the stone, water rose high above the village, spraying the air with salt…and fish. Thousands fell from the sky, landing onto the thick grass to be gathered and used.   The people of Nothing arose without a word, and prepared fires for the great banquet.   “That was a miracle,” said a visitor to the father of Nothing.   He replied, “No, my child. For a parent to give to a child that asks, is not a miracle. It is love.”     These are the gifts of Nothing to the world.


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There is certainly a lot of literary fun to be had with Nothing!   And also, there's a lot of beauty written here. Well done Jaime, this is excellent!

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