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I’ve debated writing this article for the simple fact that there’s not much (if anything) to share.   Puzzles and codes are one of the loves of my life—but one that has both impressed and frustrated me has been the secret language/code created by my apprentice, now colleague, Finley Greenhopper .

The Need for Secrecy

I’d like to take a moment and dote on this kid—because he’s one of the brilliant minds of this generation.   His attention to detail and inquisitive mind made him perfect for both research and zoology. On the other hand, his principled character and honest nature left him open as a target.   For years he worked in Clockworks City for the FAF, but was never promoted. His papers we brimming with unique perspectives and never-before-seen data…yet he was never promoted. Even worse, he was rarely if ever allowed into the open field where a zoologist belongs.   That’s because fellow researchers—namely his superiors—were stealing his materials and using Finely’s data for their own advancements!    

My Suggestion to Finely

In one of his letters to me, he expressed his frustration when he discovered being passed over for the fourth time. Not that he complained about his lack of promotions—but rather that being held from the field kept his mind boxed up.   Hehehe, I know the feeling!!   So I suggested two specific things:
  1. Devise his own system of taking field notes. Something simple, yet flexible, so he could disguise the most important parts of his notes. This would not only prevent theft—but also make him more valuable in the eyes of those he worked with.
  2. Volunteer to do the paperwork which required his particular notes, making sure that all paperwork was delivered to the FAF in triplicate like policy dictated. FAF regulations require the paper-jockey who does the work to be the one who signs off not he paperwork and delivers it to his or her superiors.
  Yes, his superiors could override him and do the paperwork, but just that single act would prevent all but the most nefarious intentions from being carried out.

Your Guess is as good as mine

To this day I don’t know how his code works.   What I DO know, is that Finely was advanced within two weeks from using my suggestions.   Even though he’s running Pinwheel over H1-C-FIN101, he tells me he’s using his ‘hopping’ (the name he gave his clever cypher/code)every day he’s in the field.   So I’ll keep on him and give you an update if he chooses to provide me with a sample…

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