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Vox Family

Known best for Vice Admiral Vox's holovid program, Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die, the Vox Family serves as the Sparnell Confederation's primary source of government propaganda. Their skills in Telepathy have also ensured their Family members are often first choice for primary Communications Afterlife Intelligences within the SAF fleet.

Public Agenda

The Voxes serve the Confederation with their words, or rather, with their skills in relaying and communicating information. This ranges from abilities in Telepathic communications, to the presentation of entertainment specially designed to ingrain the Confederation's ideals in the younger generations.


Once one of the major Families within the Sparnell Confederation, the Vox Family prestige suffered greatly due to a series of probably-staged scandles during a feud with the Javon Family over the right to claim Javon Constanzia and her spouse Vox Taranis as a Family member. Having lost their bid for greater power, the Vox have since managed to claw their way up to a mid-tier family due in large part to the success and popularity of Vice Admiral Vox's Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die, with support of the Selkirk Family in the form of show host Selkirk Nero.

Those Who Control the Information Control the Universe

Known for
Communications AI
Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die
Public Relations
Political, Family

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