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Shane's Locket

Touch that, and you'll wish you didn't have an Afterlife.
  A gift from his mother, Shane's antique locket never left his person, usually worn around his neck beneath his uniform. Once a finely crafted holographic projector of Space Defense Legion manufacture, the mechanism no longer functioned. Many believed he used the locket to help focus his mind when channeling magic, but Shane refuses to ever discuss the jewelry item or its personal significance, especially since its loss in the defense of the Garnell Orbital Solar Study.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The locket was manufactured using purely technological means to store the recording and create the projection, with no magical augmentation. As such it required less maintenance but also carried heavier limitations on its usage when compared to its more magical counterparts. The device had to be in the open to project the image, while the sound recordings were inaudible unless held or placed on something to amplify the sound.


The locket originally belonged to Shane's mother and at one point projected a hologram of his parents, although the mechanism appeared to have broken sometime before the founding of the Mordena. Very few ever saw the locket, as Shane kept it on his person at all times up until his death. Those familiar with the locket have stated he was always calmer when wearing it. Most believe it to have been destroyed, along with Shane's body, during The Evacuation of Garnell.  
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Jewelry / Valuable
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The locket was an ancient antique, far surpassed by current Legion technology, and likely passed through many generations before coming into Shane's possession. The workmanship was superb, and even bore a scuffed maker's mark, leading Shane to believe the locket to be a unique creation by a genuine craftsman.   Despite its age and unique design the locket itself was not particularly uncommon. Items of its nature are frequently offered for trade by the Vardan or kept as family heirlooms across all factions, especially within the Legion. They would be somewhat less common within the Sparnell Confederation due to the Legion source of manufacture, but certainly not contraband.

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Apr 12, 2021 20:43 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the idea of a locket that can project an image. <3 I wonder if Shane misses it now he is bodyless.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Apr 12, 2021 20:54 by Morgan Biscup

Shane definitely misses his locket and laments its destruction. For sentimental and other reasons. All he really had left of his parents, for starters. But of course he won't talk about it.   The holographic projection seemed a nice way to use Vazdimet's technology. Instead of flat images why not a 3D display?

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