Garnell Orbital Solar Study

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The Captain winced, tenderly poking her ribs, still gripping the console which moments before had found itself digging into her chest, its once pristine knobs and displays now slick with blood. "Didn't think that one through, did you, Sir?"   The Grand Navarch's voice was strained, the veins in his neck clearly visible. "You try hugging an angry star. See how it goes."
  The Garnell Orbital Solar Study was an important and profitable mining outpost and weapons testing facility operated by the Mordena mercenaries. The station was lost in The Evacuation of Garnell against the Sparnell Confederation, when the mercenary organization proved unable to counter a surprise attack from the SCS Renkash, the first of the Confederation's new Starkiller classification spacecraft.   The Mordena's founder, Shane Lawrence, had been visiting for a site inspection at the time, leading the Mordena Security Council to conclude the Grand Navarch was the primary target of the attack. Most personnel were safely evacuated, but at great personal cost to Shane, who acquired cosmic burnout from channeling the full cosmic power of Garnell's star to aid the evacuation. Rather than accept a Reconstruction Clone and attempt to lead the Mordena without access to his magic Shane elected to become the first Afterlife Intelligence of MORTAC, ceding official leadership of the Mordena to his son Jake Cartwright Lawrence.


The station itself relied upon a combination of Runework and active casting for its Shielding, protecting the station and its workers from the thoroughly encircled star and the everyday hazards of the Void. Military protection was provided by an assortment of ships from the Mordena's fleet, some permanently assigned for additional testing purposes but most cycling through as a temporary posting during a more extended tour of duty.   The station also boasted a reasonable compliment of smaller craft, many piloted by the very scientists, miners, and Afterlife Intelligences employed in the daily tasks of the station. These were split between multi-crewed asteroid miners and standard fighter-style escorts, with the mining ships able to convert quickly into bombers in an emergency.

Natural Resources

While officially described as a weapons testing platform, the Garnell Orbital Solar Study station dedicated most of its efforts to the mining of Starmetal from the Garnell System's star. An active star toward the end of its life cycle, orbited only by an ore-rich asteroid belt some hypothesized to be the scattered remains of a long-forgotten planet, Garnell provided an ideal location for extensive mining and military testing: convenient, high quality materials and secluded privacy.
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"You could order me not to. Command me to jump to safety. I'd obey. I'd have to." Shane pushed away the fear as he felt the hunger of cosmic magic burning his veins, the first threshold. Drawing too much power from the Void always scarred the physical first. He would die today, that much was guaranteed now. But it wasn't enough, he'd need to pull more.   Is that what you want? Could you live with yourself after? Would you feel the same about me?   "No." It wasn't a question. Either he paid the price, or everyone else would. And how could he claim his wants, or the repercussions of what he was about to do, held equal weight to the needs of the Mordena?   He pulled harder, gasping for breath as the cosmic magic of the Void seared his lungs. Every muscle strained, both physical and mental, as he poured his full resolve into maintaining the delicate spellwork standing between his people and annihilation.   Watching you now feels like dying all over again. But I know you. I know why you have to do this.   "Get yourself to safety. You shouldn't be here." The words were a rasp now, barely audible as he fought against the blackout and the greedy yet welcomingly familiar tendrils of the Void, eagerly reaching to pull him into the Afterlife. It wouldn't be long now until he burnt out completely... But he needed more time.   My place is where it's always been. With you.   The overtaxed necromancer felt a different heat within his chest, a warm caress from his beloved as the full weight of their magic flooded into his wounds, skillfully mending the worst of the damage to stave off his inevitable destruction just long enough for it to matter. He closed his eyes, silently concentrating his emotions on affection and gratitude, and drew the full power of Garnell's star within his mind.


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