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Kydell Family

A younger Family within the Confederation, the Kydell Family name carries a short but remarkably storied history of prestige and success until its sudden downfall to the Mordena at the Battle for Baden.


The Kydell Family carries a respected past, despite claiming Admiral Kydell as its sole member. Many speculate the cold-hearted Admiral formerly belonged to a small or even disgraced Family, breaking off to find his own fortunes without the expectations tied to his Family name. Others believe he may have even been disowned, although such talk was ill-advised until his disappearance after the Battle for Baden, as those speaking such things had a way of disappearing... or worse. The truth is known to few, those records sealed long before his elevation to Admiral, the culmination of a long and storied career in the Sparnell Armed Forces.  

Admiral Renkash and Commodore Lawson

As is tradition, Admiral Kydell received the credit for the successes and failures of those beneath his command, and thus so did the Kydell Family. The Family name is therefore eternally tied to the Sparnelli War Hero Admiral Renkash Alenahs and his second Commodore Lawson Zane, as well as Kydell's personal TAG Fleet Captain Selkirk Larissa. Despite the loss of Renkash and Lawson at Loxira, the Kydell Family honor gained further glory from the celebration of the vengeful katanoj's destructive life across the Confederation, coupled with the continued successes of the fleet.  


In recent decades, however, the Family name has fallen out of favor. The disappearance of Kydell himself at the resounding loss in the Battle for Baden, coupled with the subsequent defection of the entire Armada including the formerly esteemed Commadore-turned-traitor Navarch Javon Arlise into the newly-formed hands of the Mordena mercenaries, has left none behind to improve the Family name but many former subordinates to tarnish it. Currently most celebrations of Admiral Renkash strike all mention of his ties to Kydell, with statues in recent years even omitting the triple claw mark denoting him as the disgraced Admiral's Oathbound.

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World Ember 2023

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