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Cunningham Family

A lower-tier Family by standard Confederation values, the Cunninghams nonetheless enjoy the standard perks and privileges of the most powerful Families. Their presence across not only the Sparnell Armed Forces but the rest of the Confederation as well, relaying important and even sensitive messages throughout Sparnell space, has provided them with a wealth of the true currency of prestige-hungry Families: information.   Content to keep the balance as long as their Family members are well cared for, even going so far as to allow their installation as Communications AIs for the duration of their mandatory Conscription provided there is a reconstruction clone awaiting at the end of their service, the Cunninghams have thus built themselves a safe haven within the center of the Confederation. Those who test the Family's patience tend to discover their own darkest secrets whispered in the quiet moments of the day.

Public Agenda

The Cunningham Family is known for their aptitude in Telepathy. While the magic itself is nothing special and many choose to learn it in conjunction with their other training, the Cunninghams' natural aptitude, coupled with their advanced training from an early age, have led their Family to become the top choice in telepathic telecommunications. Members of the Cunningham Family tend to possess longer range abilities, with the best also able to sustain two or, on rare occasions, three separate telepathic links.

Coordination Through Communication

Known for
Communications AIs
Political, Family
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Free Novella: No Way Home

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It was supposed to be a simple patrol.
The Sparnell Armed Forces were waiting.


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