An Orc Infestation

In the deepest layers of the Dwarrow kingdom of Pokhrazad is the Pale-Orc stronghold of Rüntabel. The Dwarrow of Pokhrazad have been driven out from their deepest mines by the orcs, and now the orcs breed and multiply and infest. Rüntabel has been under Orc control for nearly three hundred years and the Dwarrow still seethe in hatred at the mention of the infestation. The Hidden City of Pohkrazad is in no position to retake such a deep layer of its mines from the orcs. It is being assaulted from all sides and cannot afford an expedition.

Jobs for Adventurers

But though they cannot send an actual army down there, the Dwarrow of Pokhrazad are willing to spend handsomely on dour adventuring parties willing to travel deep into the earth. The Dwarrow desire Orc heads. The Orcs of Rüntabel are especially strong and cunning, so you need your wits about you. But the Dwarrow would also like any treasure that is found there. The deepest layers were abandoned quickly, and much forgotten craft and lore was left behind. Assortments of weapons crafted in the expert Dwarf fashion are also found in Rüntabel — either used by the Orcs or left hidden in the dirt.

Outpost / Base
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I would say the name is too close to Gundabad, but then again, Warhammer has Mt. Gunbad, so I think you're good.

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