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Quen Fish Catching

Every year there is a grand carnival in the city of Quen Called Thalassokratia. During this carnival the popular sport of Fish Catching is held at its greatest extent. The sport itself is done quite often throughout the year in the city. Due to the many marshy lands here, the sport is quite easily accomplished year-round. The main goal of the sport is to capture White-tailed Catfishes within a set time limit. The team or individual with the most fish wins the game.

The Rules

The object of the game is to capture the most amount of White-tailed Catfishes within three hours. At the hour and a half mark, the current team or individual must come back to port and trade places with either the next relay team or the partner. The game can be played with either teams on each boat, or individuals.

The players are equipped with a long oglia boat, and given a spear and fisher's nets of various sizes. Larger teams will use mostly the large fisher's nets so that they could catch more and have a higher chance of catching a White-tailed Catfish. To win, you need to catch the most catfish within the timelimit. In a tie, then it depends on how quickly the team arrived from after the half-way mark, the earlier the better.

There are variant rules that are gaining quick popularity. The most popular is to have the speed of the boaters be counted as points as well. This creates a gambling conundrum, as to whether the fishermen should stay and catch more catfish, or should return and gain the bonus points for returning early.

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