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Dwarf Masks of the Mythic Era

Helms of Great Power

The Dwarf-Masks were helmets of great crafting made in the mythic days by the Old Dwarrow of Pokhrazad. These helmets had face plates which could be lowered over the face as a mask, and through this the fire of Dragons might be withstood.

One such helm was the mask Lominkip, crafted by the smith Tichten for the Dwarf King of the Whole Underworld Pazlaghl. This he wore at the battle of the Gates of Omkrondur, where he fought Young Purple, Father of Dragons, and though he slew the drake he also fell.

These Dwarf-masks are priceless to the Dwarrow people. Their material and their way to be made have been lost to the ages, and the Dwarf smiths of today desperately need more examples so that they may learn how to mimic the style of the mythic masters. Adventurers may be tempted to keep these invaluable artifacts for themselves, in case they may need to fight a Dragon or two, but they will find these Dwarf-Masks are made for the Dwarrow, and only the Dwarrow.

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