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Alshod Sildressi


The Elven vampire . She is an apprentice to the Dread Lord Cruzinear, and remains as his only attempt at apprenticeship. She is a free and wild spirit - the norm for an Ecé, a subrace of the Morgondi, or the Forgotten Elves - and this energy is only compounded by the carnal powers and desires vampirism grants. She is wont to leaping through the plains of the Vulga naked, holding an unwieldy scythe, letting a long, red cloak of intertwined hairs trail behind her. Congealed blood, thick like vines, wrap around her body and protect her if cut. She is always trailed by Glob and Shleem, two imp-like minions who obey her every command.

The New Vampire

Alshod, along with her master, Cruzinear, is not a normal vampire. She did not imbibe an earth spirit and lose her soul to it in order to attain vampirism. Rather, instead of entire replacement, Cruzinear has discovered a way to have a faux-earth spirit act as a parasite within the body. In this way the soul remains intact, and the ability to use Magic remains. The person will undergo drastic changes to body and mind as a vampire, but it is possible, though painful, for the New Vampire to remove this earth spirit and walk around as a full mortal. There is a clear divide between vampiric personality and the personality prior to faux-earth spirit ingestion.

The Unbreakables witnessed a clear divide between a Vampiric Alshod and an Alshod without her faux-earth spirit. Without it, she was significantly more timid and fearful and unsure of herself. She was easier to manipulate and was psychologically vulnerable. Her original personality had remained locked in the unconscious, so to say, and was stunted in development. Alshod clearly preferred her vampiric form to her original Elvish. When she re-ingested her faux-earth spirit (which come in the appearance of a squid like monster with many appendages and can be spoken to independently of the vampire) her personality returned to that which the Unbreakables were familiar with: confident, powerful, and fearless.

Current Events

Due to interaction with the adventuring group the Unbreakables, Alshod has retracted, somewhat, from the violent and energetic powers that vampirism grants to someone. Having a dear promise broken to her by Kane has made Alshod focus on her work for her master. She sets out to destroy the vampiric rivals of the Dread Lord Cruzinear. She goes about clothed, now. Usually in the lithe armour crafted for her by her master. Perhaps a sense of shame has set in?

She has changed. Matured, maybe, is a better word. Still, Alshod is a vampire, and is a dangerous foe. The Unbreakables have made an enemy of her. Once she is finished with her tasks, what will happen?

Year of Birth
1003 90 Years old
White, pale
Long, wavy, black

Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij
Character Portrait image: by Warmics


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