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The Twin lands

I like this place. It feels like home. Well...since I now own part of it I guess it is.
  The Twin lands, or Tvillinggården in Swedish, is a privately owned plot of land around 10 minutes by car outside of Urskoga proper. It is one of several plots of land around the Urskoga municipality.  


It used to be a part of the Månssons' owned lands but in the 1950s the plot of land was procured by a pair of young twins who were distantly related to the Månssons family. The two brother's built a house each on the plot of land expecting to live there with their future families. One of the brothers married and had kids, but not the other. The family died in a car accident in 1992.   The two brothers lived their lives in the houses until both of them died of old age in early 2022. The two houses have been up for sale until one of them was purchased by a distant relative to the Månsson family during the summer of 2022 and the last house was bought in January of 2023.  


The 398m x 312m plot of land is mostly dense forest. Except for the flat and tree-free area where the two almost identical houses and garages sit. The area between the houses was used and will probably still be used as a shared flower garden. The part of the yard that faces the forest portions of the land is small and one of them used to house old playground equipment until fairly recently.   The road that leads into the area from Urskoga proper is a privately owned dirt road called Tvillinggatan. It connects to [redacted for now] which is the central road in Urskoga. Because the road is privately owned by the plot owners they have to care for the road themselves which can be a hassle during the winter months.   The two houses sit 10m apart and share a huge driveway that also connects to two garages that can house 4 cars each or other equipment needed for living out in the woods. A tractor for example,  

Flora & Fauna

The plot of land is home to common plants, insects, and animals in the area. This includes fir, pine, and birch trees, a couple of wild boars, mooses, wolves, foxes, hares, and other common plants and animals in the north of Sweden. Ghosts and monsters have also been reported to haunt the area.


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