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Twin road

You think the road to my house is creepy? Well...I don't think so.
The Twin road, or Tvillinggatan in Swedish, used to be called Shiver road. Or Rysgatan in Swedish. It's a dirt road that goes from the main street of Urskoga and out into the woods. It used to end abruptly in the woods until the 1950s when a pair of twins procured the plot of land from the old owners and built their houses at the end of the road.   Before the twins owned the road the old owners used to let youth groups borrow the road to host Ghost walks during the summers. This stopped when the road and that part of the forest got new owners.   The road has existed for around 300 years, even before the settlement was officially founded. If somebody knows why the road was kept like that, leading to nothing for 300 years. They haven’t said anything.   It’s been speculated among the people in town that homes were supposed to be built there but a murder happened or something along that way. There have been rumors about murders in that forest written down in records from that time. But nothing about possible buildings being built in that area.   Back when the homes of the twins were built there were people who worried that horrid things would happen if people started building houses in the area. But nothing happened. Until several years later when the family, except the father, who lived in one of the houses died in a car accident.   Most people living in the area still try to keep away from the road and the part of the forest that the road leads to. Even though the houses and the area look idyllic some normal humans always feel uncomfortable when in close proximity to the area.   The supernatural beings living in the town agree that there is something off about the area, at least compared to the rest of the municipality. But nothing overly weird, the place is more or less supernatural after all.


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