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I suppose life was never meant to be easy...I'll get back up again. I always do. It might just take a while this time.
— Molle
Molle Blåbrant was born in 1983 to an author and a mechanic in Urskoga. They did not have any siblings and only the mechanic had relatives in town.   At 13 Molle met a person that they fell in love with. They had a great relationship but Molle was unhappy. As a kid, they could not be true to who they were. At 15 their parents divorced and it was decided that Molle would go with their father who was moving to his family in the south of Sweden. Molle broke up with their boyfriend.   At 19 they came out as non-binary to their father, new stepmom, and friends. 4 years later, at 23, a couple of months after they had finished their transition they met the second love of their life. At 25 they married and at the age of 26, they had their first child. The second and third weren’t long after.   In the summer of 2022, their house burned down. Their husband and two of their children died in the fire.  


Molle learned to use magic by themself as a child, when the Witches in the community learned about this they wanted to get rid of Molle. Natural talent is dangerous when it comes to witches. Luckily for Molle, the witches weren’t the only supernatural community who found out about Molle’s abilities and the witches had to spare their life. One of the elder witches took it upon himself to mentor Molle under the watchful eyes of the supernatural part of the town government. At 15 Molle was considered a full-fledged witch and left the town with their recently divorced parent. Molle wanted to live their life as a normal human and leave the politics of the supernatural community behind them.  


Molle has had a lot of friends during their lifetime, however currently their best friend is the sister of their dead husband. After the death of their husband, they have closed themselves off and only interact with the people that they have to interact with to live their life.


Their mother is dead. They talk to their father, stepmom, and half-siblings over the phone and internet. Their mother’s parents are still alive but they have no contact with them. Their father’s and stepmother’s parents are all dead. They did not have any cousins on their father's side.


Molle is originally an introvert but now they are keeping even more to themselves. They do feel the need to be social, but right now they keep their socializing to their sister-in-law and their daughter.


Molle has a faint burn scar on the side of their face and always wears their favorite earpiece on their right ear. They also often wear round glasses and a cardigan. They enjoy punk casual styled clothes.


Molle has thrown themselves into their work as a podcast host and a voice actor since their husband and children died. Nothing else motivates them. Since the fire, they do not want to think about anything else. Not even their own injuries.


Molle enjoys reading fiction books, listening to podcasts, reading comics, playing computer games, and sewing for their and other people’s Asian ball-jointed dolls. Molle is also a part of several online communities but usually only lurks.
Place of birth
February 1st, 1983
Current location
High school and university
Voice actor
They/them and He/him
Favorite food
Sexual orientation
Theme songs
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