Toy Soldier Saga
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Toy Soldier Saga Discussion Boards

Welcome and Important Info

Fri, Feb 25th 2022 05:38
This category of threads is for important information for people new to the board, introductions, and requests for topics.

Welcome and Rules

Fri, Feb 25th 2022 05:46
Welcome to the Toy Soldier Saga discussion boards! Just a couple of quick rules to keep everything friendly and fun:   1) I don't mind swearing. I do mind nastiness and rudeness. Being unkind to other people will get you removed. This includes any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc., etc.   2) No NSFW content please. This is a public board.   3) If tempted to post in anger, consider whether you might be able to say what you want to say more kindly, or whether you should take a break before you post.   4) No arguing with designated mods. Their decisions are final and they have my full confidence and trust.   That's it! Have fun!


Fri, Feb 25th 2022 11:11
This is a place for you to post your introductions when you join the community and get to know each other! Yes, you can post a link or two. No, I don't mind if it's self-promotional, as long as it relates to the series in some way (ie. You're a writer and you write steampunk or military sci-fi or epic fantasy; you do generators for planets in science fiction settings, etc.)

Topic Requests

Fri, Feb 25th 2022 11:19
What topics would you like to see here? What categories do you think we need? Do you need someone to start a thread for a topic you want to talk about? Let us know!
Toy Soldier Saga Discussion Boards

TSS Fiction

Fri, Feb 25th 2022 08:24
Want to talk about the novels and the stories? This is the place to do that!   Please use the Spoiler tags
Show spoiler
[ spoiler ] the spoiler [ / spoiler ] (no spaces)
if you're going to discuss a potential spoiler.
Toy Soldier Saga Discussion Boards


Fri, Feb 25th 2022 08:01
This section is for discussion of the various Toy Soldier Saga campaigns, or for creating your own!   Play-by-Post features are enabled so you can create your own games here as well.

Toy Soldiers: Old School

Fri, Feb 25th 2022 08:08
For discussion of the Toy Soldiers: Old School game, which airs weekly on SableAradia's Twitch channel,

Toy Soldiers: The Stalwart Saga

Fri, Feb 25th 2022 08:10
For discussion of the upcoming Twitch campaign, The Stalwart Saga
Toy Soldier Saga Discussion Boards

TSS Universe

Fri, Feb 25th 2022 08:34
Want to discuss the universe of the Toy Soldier Saga, or ask questions about it? Maybe request more information about a particular subject? You can do that here!
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