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The Boar's Head Inn

Purpose / Function

Ostensibly, the Boar's Head Inn is an Inn and attached Public House, that caters to the Workers of the City of Tornn. It exists as a public meeting space and traveller's hostel, but secretly is headquarters to the Criminal Vigilantes The Grey Cloaks.


Originally built as a Public House, the Inn was added 12 years later when the owner sensed a need. During the outlawing of Pit Fighting during the Tyrannan Invasion, a secret 3m x 3m x 2m pit was added under the floor of the main room.


The Inn is a very Tornnian structure looking like an inflated gnomish structure, which is not surprising since the Guild of Gnomish Builders holds a monopoly on all building in the City-State


The building has obsensibly been owned by Darla Half-Elven, the secret daughter of Kalvarian, the Outlaw of Tornn, since it's inception. It is well known, or at least it was at the time, that Darla bought the land and built the Public House with the ill gotten gains of her "deceased" father.

When, during the Invasion, her father's deceased status was revealed to have been overstated, Darla disavowed any knowledge of her father or his activities. In truth, she was in league with the Grey Cloaks the whole time, and provided a safe haven for their people.

The Boar's Head became well known among a certain subsection of the population as a safe haven for political dissidents, and an underground railroad to get them out of the occupied Empire.

During the Tyrannan Invasion, the Inn was almost entirely funded by the The Green Stable, which gained its money through illegal pit fighting.

Afterward, it was funded by the drinking of Drathnar Strongarm, who spent a good deal of his time in the Inn drinking himself into a stupor from which he could never die, mournig the loss of Lyrissande Verbena.


When people come to the Inn now, they expect to see the legalised version of pit fighting which is more like professional wrestling on Earth. The drinks are good, the food is better and people generally have a good time, just ignore the huge barbarian in the corner.
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Founding Date
11th Flower Moon 3771 AC
Alternative Names
The Hole, The Cave
Public hall / house
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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