Arguably a nicer, kinder tank than his teammates, Kiriak finds himself participating in their mean antics a lot, anyway. He fears their disapproval and rejection - and even plays along when they tease him. It seems the behaviours of his most unpleasant teammates have started rubbing off on him, and with increasing frequency he can be seen gleefully mocking whoever's turn it is to be picked on currently, or scoffing at enemies.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kiriak, like many other SPGs, used to be called "Arty". He was part of a team that treated him poorly, but he didn't know how to leave. Despite doing his best in combat and trying to please everyone, he was never respected or regarded as an equal.   One day, the Rainmakers came along. They made short work of his teammates, and as Kiriak was running away as the last survivor, they managed to catch up to him. He had thought that this was his end, but instead of killing him, the Rainmakers made him an offer to join them. Since the team consisted mostly of SPGs and it seemed like they were in charge, he joined them on the hope that his life would improve. He was also curious about the strange promises they made - that not only his, but the lives of all SPGs would improve if he helped them.   Right after joining, the Rainmakers prompted him to choose a new name for himself. He still remembered the name he had been going by before his late team had started calling him "Arty", and decided that he wanted to be called "Kiriak" again.  
"I used to be called Arty too!" a small, boxy SPG piped up. His voice seemed full of pride, but he slumped a little when the Pershing sitting next to him snorted.   "And now you're Shorty," the Pershing said nonchalantly. The small SPG laughed, though it sounded oddly forced.   "Kiriak... it's Kiriak," he then mumbled with a secret side-glare at his teammate.
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[ Human AU ]


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