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Contentstorm 2023

Due to a misinterpretation of the rules, I have decided to not partake in WorldEmber this year, and return my 'most written' badge of Last Year's WorldEmber. However, I've decided to use this month in a similar fashion by creating as much content as I can, unrestricted by any rules.


After finishing a 5 year campaign that took place in Wolfsbrunn, I'm almost ready to move on to the next place in my world. I'd like to finish Wolfsbrunn out a bit further, just to get that location completely rounded out. The characters did not visit every place I had in mind or prepared, and it allows for some fun extra worldbuilding which may be used in another adventure!
  My main focus however, will probably be the location of the new campaign, which will be the jungle continent of Azuno. During Summer Camp 2023 I also wrote a bunch about this continent, which gave a solid base to start the campaign and continue writing. Now it is time for more worldbuilding and detailing. The base idea is that this continent is extremely influenced by wild magic, which allows for great variation and whacky things to be created. I'm also trying to keep the landscape of this area of my world varied, which hopefully creates themes within the theme, so that it is not just a magical forest as far as the eye can see.    


I've got a huge list of ideas, prompts and of course magic items I'd like to write and detail before the end of the year. The plan is to have a bunch of content I can illustrate in 2024. But perhaps I'll also draw some things here and there. In any case I will need to illustrate 12 items for my patrons, so those will definitely be included.  

Prompts and Ideas

Below is my list of random thoughts I wanted to implement in my next campaign... So this is a list of inspiration for if I get stuck during this month and am looking for something refreshing.
  • City guarded by giants
  • Burial pots with faces carved in them
  • Astran mummies
  • Sellsword army with warriors who mainly use slings
  • Cave paintings that come to life (Trap)
  • Stone golem guarded library
  • Spirits trapped in gemstones
  • Giant butterflies
  • Cult of astral serpent worshippers
  • Camo cloaks woven from vines
  • Vampiric orchids
  • Monastery of monks that control weather
  • Monkey messengers
  • Necropolis underneath major city
  • Black market spell scroll dealers
  • Order of lost knights
  • Purple fireflies that are attracted to magic
  • Plants with explosive fruits
  • Festival of masks
  • Floating marketplace on giant lily pads
  • Merchant on the back of a giant turtle
  • Wooden armor warriors
  • Tiny fey shamans
  • Gilded gardens with golden plants
  • Bees that make crystal honey
  • Night blooming bioluminescent flowers
  • Carnivorous elephants
  • Tea ceremonies
  • Giant sloths
  • Tree climbing competition
  • Hidden caches in tree trunks
  • Hand signal language for thieves and bards
  • Fruit carving contests
  • Silk from giant spiders used in fashion
  • Dream catchers that can absorb magic and spells
  • Storytellers using illusions in their performance
  • Silkworm farms
  • Living vine ladders and bridges
  • Buildings woven from and into the branches of trees.
  • Fire dancers using fire magic
  • A place where everything shrinks because of a curse
  • Intricate mosaics cover the bottom of ponds
  • Sentient masks
  • Legends about thunderbirds
  • Fishing village led by a river spirit
  • Pygmy elephants with carts transporting goods
  • Underground hot springs
  • An inn staffed by lemurs
  • Tree frogs used to find illicit substances
  • Pollen and seeds that are harvested through air magic
  • Collector of exquisite skulls
  • Etchings made by rangers on bamboo to provide directions
  • Ancient astran temples
  • Tattoo of an ancient prophecy or piece of a puzzle
  • Crystal coffins to protect the deceased from magic
  • Tree of wishes, ribbons bound in the branches
  • A deity of shadows, secrecy illusion and luck
  • Twin deities of dreams and nightmares
  • Vendor stalls that can transform into a backpak
  • Koi fish ponds
  • Flower arrangements on top of levitating stones
  • A city shaped like a gigantic sundial of sorts
  • Spice and tea market
  • Meditation mazes
  • Aqueducts and bathhouses
  • Windmills grinding spices
  • Floating tea house in a lake or pond
  • Apiaries the size of a house
  • Botanical perfume garden
  • Parrots being used to spread special announcements
  • Statue that changes pose based on the expected weather
  • An underground lake with a unique ecosystem
  • Trees with leaves that shift color when wild magic is nearby
  • Lighthouse keeper with a pet bioluminescent octopus.
  • Hermit crab collector with a fascination for shiny shells.
  • Collector of invisible objects and pets.
  • Talking cat NPC
  • Dam with water wheels that powers a paper factory
  • Traveling circus of enchanted constructs
  • Articles
    2023 Annual Review
    Academy of Culture
    Academy of Nature
    Academy of Order
    Academy of Prosperity
    Ador Wan
    Aethelbert's Citrus Infusion
    Autumn Spice Syrup
    Bag of Bones
    Basilisk Eye Sphere
    Battle Toolbox
    Beastcaller's Bane
    Berhilda Ironbraid
    Bittercandy Apple
    Bittercandy Taffy
    Bittersugar Beet
    Boreal Spellgun
    Boulder's Bane Mallet
    Brie and Bleu Boutique
    Canopy Cottage
    Catcurse Caltrops
    Charlotte Gresnik
    Chisel of Awakening
    Contract of the Green Coven
    Dragonbone Alloy
    Dragonbone Mines
    Dragonsail Sloop
    Drifting Lotus
    Duke of Ravenmar
    Dukedom of Kosgren
    Eddy Anklesweep
    Emmalinda Thaleur
    Essence Inks
    Facethief Mask
    Farmer's Fancy Flute
    Fetch and Fletch Quiver
    Fixing Stitcher
    Forgeheart Gloves
    Frog's Friend Band
    Giant Spider Origamiracle
    Gloomvine Tincture
    Gourdlord's Grin
    Gravegrasp Caltrops
    Headless Titan
    Hemlock Staff
    Imperial Academies
    Infusion Stones
    Innovation Symposium
    Iron Deconstructor
    Iron Grasp
    Jip Twindle
    Kazimir Nosverdemus
    Lifebind Oil
    Lirael's Lake
    Loremaster’s Pendant
    Lorevault Armor
    Lumination Enchantment
    Monocle of Translation
    Nor'mul Mine
    Ogre Log
    Oil of Animation
    Planar Steel
    Quickwrite Quill
    Ravenwhisper's Hat
    Redcobble Market
    Reinhold Aern
    Remodeled Spellgun
    Ring of the Blinding Eye
    Ring of the Scrying Eye
    Ring of the Shining Eye
    Rookery Tower
    Roxpar Dam
    Roxpar River
    Scurpakis Mountains
    Sheltering Bowl
    Shieldmaiden's Resolve
    Soul Siphon
    Soulguard Philter
    Stranglethorn Sword
    Thavi Kularmigan
    Top Talent Tincture
    Trollheart Elixir
    Tyrannosaurus Rex Origamiracle
    Velvet Raven
    Volodar Osseus
    Watermelon Spellybean
    Whispering Garden
    White Grape Spellybean
    Winter Elemental
    World's Smallest Workshop
    Xinta Beach
    Zippleberry Wine


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