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Spawn of the Scorned One

The old gods, the Scorned One and his children, were said to be masters of many blasphemous sciences but one of the most notable of them was the ability to create life. Not any kind of life that modern Tairos would recognize though. Their alien minds delighted in crafting horrific and impossible living organisms to serve their every whim. These spawn were cursed to an immortality of endless servitude and suffering that would only end when their gods needed to recycle their flesh to bring to light a new abomination.   When Nuriel and his angelic host broke the connection the Scorned One had to Tairos many of his creations were left behind untended to. Some were killed off by mortal champions in the eons to come. Others became beasts of legend or slipped into an eternal slumber in the dark places beneath the land or sea. Some bred with each other creating new and terrible life forms.   One of the most insidious forms of life left behind by the Scorned One was the Hybrid Virus, a lurking sickness that festered inside many of creations. This virus has the ability to convert a living host into a terrible cross between mortal and nightmare spawn. It erodes the mind of its host as well, slowly connect their thoughts into the hive network of the spawn themselves. The virus is often contained in venom-like sacs in the mouth or infects the sex organs of the host.

Basic Information


varies from breed to breed and even on an individual basis. All breeds are able to breathe underwater and hibernate

Biological Traits

Varies from breed to breed. Typically all scaled, adapted for underwater life as well as land. All are generally carries for a hybrid virus or have the means to infect a host by some other means

Genetics and Reproduction

Parasitic reproduction or genetic rewriting

Ecology and Habitats

Underground, old ruins, underwater, sewers

Dietary Needs and Habits

All breeds are carnivores that subsist on living flesh. They often prefer the flesh of whatever species they originated from in the case of those born from genetic rewrite and infection.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics


Geographic Origin and Distribution

Underground, Old Gnome Empire, Muldrak, smaller communities around Ghal Pelor. Anywhere the Cult of the Scorned One flourishes

Average Intelligence

Most have very limited intelligence unless they are a leader entity of some kind.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dark Vision, Low Light Vision, Hive Consciousness

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Spawn of the Scorned One and the Hybrid Virus are a parasitic species that seems to have the ability to infect any biological entity. Magical entities, undead, constructs and Fae are immune to infection
Genetic Descendants
The Scorned One and his children
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Varies, generally dark blue and purple scaled skin
Spawn of the Scorned One 1
Spawn of the Scorned one 2
Spawn of the Scorned one 3
Spawn of the scorned one 4
Spawn of the Scorned One 5


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