Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge

It has been a great pleasure to participate in Summercamp 2022! I was aiming for copper, and I managed to get a few more articles done which I am very pleased about.   Now it is time to check out some articles by other WorldAnvil folks.  

1. "Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys"

  I have to admit, I don't yet enjoy writing about vehicles, and I feel I'm quite weak in this area. By choosing this prompt, I hope to learn from other worldbuilders and to become inspired to try and tackle new vehicle articles in the future.  
Sand Scuttler
Vehicle | Jul 31, 2022
  J.Ables wrote a lovely and clear article about Sand Scuttlers. I liked how their writing was precise and straight to the point, giving factual information about the Sand Scuttlers. They carefully wrote about three different classes of Sand Scuttlers, which gives a little more background information on what the cultures that use the Sand Scuttlers may be like. For example, the Personal Class gives us a hint about the life of royalty and pirates!   I find that in my own writing, I feel a lot of pressure to carefully add pictures and decorate my articles. I feel if I don't do so adequately, no one will read them. But J.Ables's Sand Scuttlers reminds me that good quality writing pays off, and that precise writing styles can create excellent imagery.  
Dragonfly Carrier
Spacecraft | Jul 30, 2022

A titanic spacecraft laden with thousands of brightly painted containers filled with the works of millions accelerates out of the station, joining dozens of other craft like itself in years-long journeys between the planets.

  Skairunner wrote a very interesting article on the Dragonfly Carrier. What I particularly enjoyed about this article, was how useful it is for the setting. This vehicle is an integral part of society! Just like J.Ables, this article is written very clearly and precisely. It also has some very cool stats that are on the right side of the article, and clear advantages and disadvantages set on the left. Take a look for yourself!   We can easily get distracted by worldbuilding upon worldbuilding, spidering along with our articles, link after link. But for some folks, we have goals to write short stories or novels. I think Skairunner's article is a perfect example of how a writer can use an article effectively to aid their worldbuilding which is aimed for potentially creating written work.  
Glass Cannons
Vehicle | Aug 6, 2022
  JatinG wrote a very fun article about a Glass Cannon! It would not be my first choice for transportation, but what a fun and creative idea! While it may not be the most realistic mode of transport, I very much enjoyed reading it. JatinG carefully connected their Glass Cannon vehicle to other aspects of the world, which I feel is very clever. Their method wasn't too forced and helped make their writing flow well, while also intriguing me to their other ideas and concepts.   Worldbuilding should be fun! I think JatinG's article is a good reminder of that. We don't always need to be too serious with our ideas.  

2. "An astonishing natural wonder."

  I didn't have time to write this article, but given the chance I would have written an article connected to previous Summercamp articles about the Southern Isles. I had a great deal of fun writing about beautiful places, and so I decided to take a look at some other entries for this.  
Hílva's spring
Geographic Location | Jul 19, 2022
  I stumbled upon Tyburn's article about Hílva's spring. Its a wonderfully creative concept with duality - the way to the spring is very dangerous, but if you managed to survive you'll find an oasis and possibly healing waters! I can imagine this wonder being used as a plot device for a game or a story. And I can also imagine how easy it would be to introduce characters and further lore around the sprint too!   A multilayered location. This article is a good reminder that locations help us to create stories.  
Golden scar
Geographic Location | Jul 23, 2022
  Catoblepon has written a remarkable article about the Golden scar. The imagery is lovely and vivid, and I can imagine characters being very curious to explore and study the wonder further. Catoblepon is excellent at connecting other interesting pieces of lore together and has made the location very relevant to a group of travellers that seem to have an important story in their world.   Catoblepon's article is a great example of a pretty location that connects well to other lore.  
The Chaleen Three
Geographic Location | Jul 19, 2022
  Flyteach surprised me with their article. They wrote about a space natural wonder! Ahh, I didn't think about that at all, what a clever idea! The three gas giants attract tourism and inspire artists.   Such a smart idea. Flyteach inspires me to consider how different genres can interpret prompts, and that thought leads me to consider a new writing exercise in the future.  

3. "a tradition which keeps monsters or bad luck away"

  I find tradition articles quite fun to think about, and I also feel they have so much potential to discuss cultures, ethnicities, lore and stories. I'm curious to see what I might find when reading some work from the community.  
Feed the ducks
Tradition / Ritual | Aug 7, 2022

It is preventing a calamity.

  This hilarious article is by the fantastic Tillerz who has a quacking brilliant imagination. (I'm... Sorry...) I love how this article connects with The Twentieth Duck which is a myth article, and how both works feature secrets that connect with each other.   Tillerz reminds me that sometimes its better not to withhold information - tell those secrets to bring in some clarity - and sometimes, hilarity!  
Crop Burning
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 30, 2022
  Andddd in the other direction, Cryssalia Noire wrote this rather spooky tradition. They begin with a haunting quote and not only detail the tradition itself, but also the history of the tradition which mentions the monsters themselves.   Cryssalia Noire's article is an excellent example of using the horror genre to answer a prompt.  
The Wumpkin Needs a Friend
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 25, 2022
  Finally Joshua Stewart wrote this very cute tradition that involves plushies! It is linked to the spooky The Moonlit Wumpkin urban legend. Blue plushies are carefully sewn and left overnight for the Moonlit Wumpkin to collect, preventing bad luck to fall upon the house.    Joshua Stewart's work is a great balance of imagination, story and lore. I liked reading this charming article, and feel inspired to try and create an article that is both self contained and possible to connect with other aspects of my world.  

In conclusion

  This reading challenge was much more fun than I anticipated! It prompted me to go through articles that I may have missed. For example, I do tend to avoid articles about vehicles, but after reading some inspiring articles I feel that perhaps I should challenge myself and write more about the junk boats in Taru. I also feel inspired to write about my other worlds, which I have yet to do on World Anvil. I miss writing about my other fantasy projects, and I also miss writing a bit of horror now and then too. I sometimes worry that if I write about other worlds, it might seem that I don't care for Sea Hears any more, but now I'm thinking by exploring other genres and worlds, I'm improving my writing abilities which can only be a good thing for Sea Hears.   I do hope fellow readers can look at the articles above, as I put some great thought into which ones I wanted to highlight in this article.   If there are any articles on these prompts that you feel I've missed, why not let me know in the comments below?   Until then, sail on~!

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Grandmaster nnie
Annie Stein
5 Aug, 2022 08:40

I was thrilled to see Sky's article linked! I'm also in love with how she writes mechanical stuff. Thank you for featuring Solaris!   Also, I'm sure people don't want you to feel held back by Sea Hears. If your heart is calling you to write something else for a while, then let it. I think it's easier to grow when you let yourself try something new, and like you said, Sea Hears would benefit from that growth too.

Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Join me for Camp Chill this Summercamp
Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
5 Aug, 2022 21:19

Hi Nnie! Thank you for taking the time to comment on this article :) Sky is certainly a very cool writer. Mechanical stuff is not my expertise with writing at all, so extra bonus points from me to Sky! I also love your addition with the sidebar on the right too :)   And thank you. Summercamp was a learning experience for me, and I think I will try to open up more of my writing styles in future challenges :)

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot