The Chaleen Three


The Chaleen Three refers to the three gas giants in the Chaleen system. What makes these planets so extraordinary is that all three are essentially in the same orbit and approximately 120 degrees from each other, creating a balanced orbital system.


Other than the beauty and inspiration provided by the gas giants as they rotate around the main star, there is not much else in the system. The local inhabitants are tourist/service oriented and while they provide fair service, since it's mostly artists who are on a budget visiting, the population is by no means getting rich.

Localized Phenomena

What makes the Chaleen Three so unique is the wide variety of colors apparent in the planets' cloud structures, many more colors and hues than are seen in gas giants within the cluster. The colors will also change and due to the magnetospheres present in the worlds, auroral displays are visible and appear to interact with the various colors, inspiring artists of all types.

Natural Resources

While normally a gas giant would be harvested for fuel, the Chaleen Three are strictly off limits and no ships are allowed to skim or otherwise refuel from them. With no other gas giants in the system, that means that visiting ships must either be able to jump back out. It certainly helps that the system is on a jump 1 main, so this isn't difficult, especially since fuel costs in the system are generally triple the standard price.


Tourists will visit the Chaleen Three to see the gas giants and are mostly artists, sponsored by someone who wants them to produce some type of art (visual, audible, tactile) based on the inspiration provided by the gas giants. Some do visit to see the planets on their own, but most people are content with some unique representation created by an artist who travelled and interpreted the sights for them.
Planetary Orbit


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Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
2 Aug, 2022 23:32

I wonder how the Chaleen Three are protected?   Interesting concept for an astonishing natural wonder! I didn't think about how a group of gas giants could be a valid entry, and I love how they inspire artists. Smart idea!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
3 Aug, 2022 01:39

Thanks. One of the many I struggled with, but then started writing and it flowed. Your question is on my list to answer someday with some added information in this entry. I thought trying to bring art into something that is an astronomical anomaly was a new perspective. As an engineer, math is easy, but art is hard.