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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

Challenge Instructions

My Experience

Summer Camp 2023
Generic article | Dec 31, 2023

This was my first Summer Camp, and I only got 2 articles submitted. However, I’m pleased with the overall results and what I accomplished.

I managed to get my theme completed enough so that the site looks decent (which is an important motivator for me). I worked on the articles long enough to realize I needed to adjust my workflow — which I did, twice. I think the final version is more efficient and productive.
I scoped at a dozen articles that I will write this year. The prompts were very helpful — getting me to consider different types of articles that would fill out my world better.
What's Next, What's Done
Generic article | Dec 31, 2023
I liked having the prompt page. I found it motivating so I’ve created a status planning page for the rest of the year (and am copying the article blocks for the articles I scoped out to it).
And writing the two articles showed me how in depth I wanted them and got me to really think about key technologies, events, and other factors in my world — and write them down. (Some are still in notes, but I’ll write articles on those this year.)
I was inspired by many of the other articles I read. This got me to think about using quotes. I added quotes that tell a bit of a story to one article and included an excerpt from my WIP novel in the other.
Last and importantly, the social interaction and camaraderie in the Discord channel was great. I really enjoyed it. I talked with a lot of intriguing folks, learned a bunch of new things, and watched a lot interesting conversations. And — I found some neat folks and worlds to follow.

Articles from Three Prompts

A system to send messages between distant places

List of Entries
Long-Distance Communication Systems
Technology / Science | Dec 10, 2023
by 1337spectra

I really liked the description of the technology and how it works.

Technology / Science | Dec 12, 2023
by BasicDragon

I like how the internet is interstellar, but the networks are planetary.

Rapid Response Connect Tech
Technology / Science | Apr 2, 2024
by CrazyEddie

I like how the AI creates the drivers and software needed on the fly.

A building or landmark used for, or associated with, communication

List of Entries
The Call of the Wild
Building / Landmark | Aug 1, 2023
by Theiket

I like the description of the place and the way it acts as sort of a memorial/remembrance place for those missing their animal friends.

The Crossroads Inn
Building / Landmark | Oct 20, 2023
by Kat Chiron

I like the way the place comes into existence and the backstory, plus the bits of more general information about the world.

Tranquility Athenaeum
Building / Landmark | Jul 31, 2023
by amelianite

I like the description and history. It entices me to read more about this world.

An ancient city that is still inhabited today

List of Entries

Worldbuilding Goals

Mostly, I want to complete the articles that I’ve already identified during Summer Camp. In addition, I want to:

  • Continue filling out the star system articles to use as reference materials for my (WIP) books.
  • Identify articles which will provide an introduction and cohesive overview of the world setting for my books.
  • Look into creating a star system map and a master timeline.

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