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Remember, child, once you don this— you cannot take it off so long as the sun shines above. Understand?
— A Ytzklapon priest
The Cluetolxli is a religious garment worn by the Ytzklaponeu,? starting at a young age.    

A Coming of Age Rite

Every young Ytzklaponeu receives their Cluetolxli upon the completion of their first Klapnot— a ceremony in which small spines from the great lizard Ytzkla? are embedded into their skin to form scripture.   The first Klapnot embeds scripture into the face. The first tenet of the Ytzklapon faith states that one must never allow the rays of the sun to touch the scripture, and so, it is here where the Cluetolxli fulfills its purpose, by covering the face in order to uphold this law.  

Spirals of Bronze

To create a Cluetolxli, strips of cloth are tied around an iron ring which is worn around the wearer's neck. These strips twist clockwise to meet a second ring at the top, and a third, larger ring shortly above that— making a flat mushroom-like shape. A second series of strips are twisted around counterclockwise to fill in the gaps, while leaving two small holes through which the wearer can see.   Then, a coil of bronze is twisted over the whole to keep the garment from collapsing on itself. This coil is then fastened with two small bronze rings poked through the cloth where it meets the top and bottom rings.  
As Ytzklaponeu soldiers are never seen without their Cluetolxli, these are where the slur "spiral head" used by the people of Rqet originates from.

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