Aehvaz, City of Perspectives


Zechklio stroked his beard as he reminisced. "Aehvaz, a city of beautiful, red roofs. A song hung in the air, and everyone I met seemed to hum it— even if not overtly." Cuitla scoffed, and waved away the yoult smoke before her, which curled into offended spirals before filling the space again.   "What?! I don't think you've ever seen it— Aehvaz is a grey, depressing place. Everyone I met looked at me with contempt."
— Two Rektouzk? traders
  Aehvaz, the City of Perspectives, is a eldritch city that exists everywhere and nowhere. To each individual, the city appears in a different location, and the city is different for each of them. As if it tailored itself to each of its visitors.

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Shifting Streets

Aehvaz's location is set for each individual, it may not manifest near them— and many will never see their Aehvaz— but it will always be there should they happen upon it. For those who do find the city, it will call to them— not directly, but subtly. Others around the visitor will mention the city in passing, without knowing they did so. Others will fail to notice these mentions, as well— only the targeted individual can hear them.  
"How did you hear of it?" Asked Zechklio, squinting at the woman.   "A trader told me of it, said that while he was out of yntxol?, I'd find more nearby in the market of Aehvaz, east of tochkli."   Zechklio nodded sarcastically. "I was in Lliaq, admiring a beautiful fountain. A woman there spoke to me, asking if I'd been to Aehvaz— which was north of there— and that it contained a fountain even more grand than that." He leaned in towards Cuitla and narrowed his eyes. "Lliaq and Tochkli are quite far apart."
— Two Rektouzk traders


Each will feel as if they can recall some fact about the city, as well.   Though what they recall is never relevant to their own Aehvaz, rather, to someone else's.   These pairs are often likely to meet— even if neither of them will ever see their Aehvaz.
  Everything within the city, from its streets, its edifices, and its people, to its weather and atmosphere varies from visitor to visitor. No two Aehvaz's are the same. Not enough visitors have met one another to determine whether the city's changes mean anything, whether it reflects something about each visitor or is simply different for the sake of being so.  
Cuitla stared at him, reading the man for signs of jest— finding only a serious, interrogative scowl now resting upon his face. She sighed. "Well, what did yours look like? Aehvaz was a city of cold, square streets devoid of the soul granted by winding, unplanned roads. Within these square streets were placed myriad squat, square buildings of cold, grey stone. Every now and then, a taller edifice broke the monotonous skyline— though I felt as if each of these wished to shrink down to the level of the others, so that it may go unnoticed by my gaze."   The two stared in silence for a moment, as Zechklio stroked his beard thoughtfully. Cuitla added "And this was Aehvaz— not only was it described as such to me, but any signs I found there proclaimed the same name."   Zechklio was quiet for another moment, before responding. As he spoke he watched the smoke dancing off the yoult bark sitting before them, as if he could see the city within its wispy tendrils. "Aehvaz was no such thing. The city was bathed in a golden light, as if in perpetual sunset. Each of its streets wound round and round, back and forth, twisting into and out of one another— so that one could not help but get lost among them. But this I did not mind— as you say, this is what often gives a city soul.   As I navigated its unnavigable streets, I admired the varied structures beside them. Most were made of yellowed adobe brick, and topped by brilliant red roofs which seemed as if to project their warmth across the whole of the city." He continued to watch the spiraling smoke before him in silence for a moment, before continuing. "And, as with you— it was introduced to me as Aehvaz, and many of the signs I could see there bore this name."
— Two Rektouzk traders

Notable Landmarks

Despite the city's shifting nature, there are a few landmarks that appear for every visitor. Though their locations may differ, their size, shape, and make do not.  

The Obelisk

A pyramid of glistening obsidian, which stretches about 50ft. into the air, where its top splits into three different bulbous ends. A plaza typically surrounds this, though some have encountered it in alleyways or even within the center of a small family home.

Aehvaz Tower

Despite the name attributed to it, this tower has nothing to do with the city's governance. In fact— none can enter it, and thus, none have ascertained its purpose. Aehvaz Tower is always the tallest structure within the city, carved from a single stone of salt.

The Hut

The Hut is a humble adobe hut— from which the sounds of laughter and conversation can be heard. At night, candlelight leaks from its solitary window. Despite this, those who have entered the hut have found it entirely empty— no soul in sight.
"There was that strange tower though." Added Zechklio. Cuitla raised her brow.   "Was it made of salt?" Zechklio stared at her, and nodded.   "Did anything else stand out to you? An obsidian obelisk, perhaps?" Zechklio sat up. "Why yes— yes there was, its top contained three bulbous points?" Cuitla nodded. Zechklio sat back down and worriedly stroked his beard for a moment, before standing up and stamping out the smoldering bark before them. "I think we've had enough of this smoke." Cuitla made no move to stop him.
— Two Rektouzk traders


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